Let the heckling continue.

Over the past week, a variety of Facebook adverts have been running, drawing attention to Bob Norman’s fabrication of a story (while employed at the New Times). Traffic has been OFF THE HOOKAH, including visitors such at this:


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Recent News and Opinion

Recent News and Opinion


07/29/2015MAOS Attys Send WPLG Cease/Desist Letter

We demand WPLG takes down our copyrighted material, and we issue our final trespass warning.

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07/29/2015501(c) Status Required for Invocation

The organization may not intervene win political campaigns, and the organization’s purposes and activities may not be illegal or violate fundamental public policy.

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07/29/2015Renting a Twerking Arena in Pompano

As a 501c endeavor (churches are automatically granted that status), will the City provide us with a discount? Like god, Satan’s not that good with his money — (blow and hookers I’m thinking … and Satan, well, he invests).

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07/28/2015Don’t make fun of Bob Norman’s weight. Otherwise you’ll get a Cease/Desist.

In addition, because your Posting contains a still of Mr. Norman, you have appropriated his likeness for your own use without his permission, also in violation of the law. Accordingly, I ask you to remove all such WPLG material and Mr. Norman’s image from your Posting immediately. I look forward to your prompt cooperation.

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07/28/2015Inaugural 4th Annual Twerking For Satan Contest.

With the First Pompano Beach Church of Satan moving closer to performing an invocation before the Pompano Beach City Commission, we find ourselves in the need of a few "Twerking Deacons of Satan."

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Daniel Sohn's illegal Non Profit

07/28/2015Daniel Sohn’s supposed Non-Profit itching for a lawsuit

Seems that Florida Statute 501.973 provides consumer protection for a Chamber of Commerce, including as mentioned above, a hammer to protect their good work.

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07/28/2015Another day, another WPLG defamation lawsuit

Wilfredo Batista says until Nov. 11, 2014, he enjoyed a good name and reputation, but on that Monday, WPLG Local Channel 10 showed an advertisement on its news program saying "that he was a sexual offender and lived at the residence and zip code where only sexual offenders lived."

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07/27/2015WPLG Bob Norman’s $1M slander lawsuit

Payton seeks $1 million in damages on claims of defamation by slander, defamation by libel, intentional invasion of privacy and unauthorized publication of name and photograph.

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07/27/2015Update: Fact checking Bob Norman, something new and novel.

I am following up, and by that I mean correcting the false information put forward by The Minister of Disinformation, The Sultan of Slander, The Archdeacon of Fradulence, WPLG’s own Belly Bob Norman.

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07/27/2015The Award That Dan and Gary Built

No wonder the city is recruiting for a city manager and Gary Rogers is left minding the garden. What a bunch of horseshit.... Just because they are five female commissioners do Holmes and Rogers they think they are this dumb?

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