An open letter to Jean Robb;

May 4, 2009 by

To:  Jean Robb
From: Jim Stevens

Normally I do not go read my son's blog because of all the profanity and inappropriate discussions. However, he suggested that I read the last conversation between you and him.  I did and your comments have forced me to have him post my observations to you.

Jean, I have no ulterior or political motive for wanting to throw my hat back into the Pension Board ring again.  Your insinuation that Mike Mahaney plotted to get me to apply can only come from a sick mind.  Mike had no idea that I was going to apply.  I suspect that he was shocked that I did.  To further insinuate that the Mahaney's and the Stevens' are in cahoots sharing trade secrets or something make me wonder if you are delusional. 

We are not like the characters in your book.

Yes, Mike and his wife are friends of my wife and I.  We sometimes go out for supper together.  Rarely is the conversation about the city.  The last time we went out, we did talk about the problems with the Cove reconstruction and the traffic nightmare.  I do not think that is talk about anything secret.

My motives for wanting to go back on a Pension Board are pure as driven snow.  No politics involved.  The City's Pension Plans need to be reviewed, and in my opinion reorganized.  In all of the companies that I have worked for and within the public sector, not one is set up to function like Deerfield Beach. 

That was what I was hoping to help with when Barry Evans appointed me to the Police Pension Board.  Several things occurred, which I will not go into here, and after I made Larry Deetjen aware of them and he did nothing to even verify what occurred I resigned because I could not professionally work in those conditions knowing what I did.

You owe Mike, Trish, my wife and I an apology.  Though I know I won't get one from you.

I feel sorry for you.  To go on living a life filled with such bitter and consuming hatred must be very difficult.

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