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State prosecutors listened when blogger and activist Chaz Stevens filed his complaints, which initiated the investigations that led to charges against all three Deerfield Beach officials – although Stevens has alleged far worse crimes involving Poitier.
– Larry Barszewski, Sun Sentinel

The Deerfield Beach case against Poitier may have never taken flight but for the persistence of South Florida blogger and activist Chaz Stevens, who has been calling on the State Attorney’s Office to investigate Poitier for several years.
– James Burnett, Miami Herald

Heroic & relentless citizen gets another city commissioner sent to jail.
– Karl Dickey,

The Deerfield Beach City Commisioner was greeted at the jail by news crews and also by Chaz Stevens. He’s a Broward political activist who had a hunch that commissioner Sylvia Poitier committed a crime — investigators agreed.
– Brian Hamacher, NBC Miami

Once upon a time, activists and gadflies could be laughed off by politicians. No more. With the reach and permanence of the Internet on their side, activists can investigate wrongdoing and post damning documents on self-published blogs. In Deerfield Beach, activist Chaz Stevens has been a one-man wrecking crew with his My Acts of Sedition blog, which helped snag Poitier and former commissioner Steve Gonot, who awaits trial on theft charges.
– Michael Mayo, Sun-Sentinel

Michael Mayo, opinion columnist for the Sun-Sentinel discussed how watchdogs like online activist Chaz Stevens are changing the news. Once, these types of activists sat in during city meetings and didn’t have a voice. Now they have the internet, where their investigative work is is posted and some stories get picked up by the Sentinel.
– Editor,

Stevens is perhaps the most vocal activist I’ve seen during 23 years of covering news in South Florida. In taking on Poitier, he was facing off with a grand dame of Broward politics, given that she previously served as a county commissioner
– Kevin Gale, South Florida Business Times

Chaz has been labeled profane. He’s been branded biased. He’s accused of being a shameless self-promoter. Whatever you think of Stevens, he is unique. No one has shaken up a local City Hall in recent years like this phantom of the Internet.
– Buddy Nevins, Broward Beat

Another South Florida politician is being charged with public corruption. This time it is Deerfield Beach City Commissioner Sylvia Poitier, the target of a criminal investigation for several years related to her business dealings and her votes to award city grants to organizations that were close to her.
– Elgin Jones, South Florida Times

Fresh off her victory in last week’s City Commission election, Sylvia Poitier is aiming to take on her No. 1 nemesis — blogger and activist Chaz Stevens — if only she can get someone to foot the legal bills for suing him.
– Larry Barszewski, Sun-Sentinel

Blogger Chaz Stevens has done it again. This time Stevens has bagged former Deerfield Beach City Commissioner Gloria Battle. Stevens has an off-beat sense of humor, but he has been right on target and he deserves credit for his efforts.
– Elgin Jones, South Florida Times

Chaz Stevens is doing some really incredible investigative work and challenging the Deerfield Beach City Officials. You are the reason radio show hosts around the country stay encouraged.
– Joyce Kaufman, 850 AM WFTL

Chaz Stevens is the face of the new media. Stevens, with no experience in journalism listed on his biography, has brought Deerfield Beach City Hall to its knees. He is the the new version of a city hall gadfly– electronically empowered, fighting the power structure with bits and bytes.
– Buddy Nevins, Broward Beat

Kessler International would like to acknowledge and applaud the dogged work of blogger Chaz Stevens for tackling the culture of corruption in Deerfield Beach. Over the past two years, Stevens has been shining light into the darkest corners of political life in this city .
– Michael Kessler, Founder and President

Stunning proof that a regular guy (though nobody would ever call Stevens “regular”) can beat City Hall.
– Bob Norman,

Chaz’s brilliance, bravado makes political blogging a lot more interesting. Stevens irritates, agitates, infuriates. He’s unapologetic in victory and ungracious in defeat and doesn’t really care what anyone thinks about either characteristic.
– Doug Eaves, Chicago, IL

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