Liar. Liar.

Apr 18, 2011 by

On the city’s bio page for Sylvia Poitier, you will read the following:

Commissioner Poitier has served on several Boards and Committees including Deerfield Beach’s Unclassified Civil Service Board. With an impressive resume of philanthropic involvement and an unparalleled commitment to civic duty, The Commissioner currently serves as Chairperson for the Community Action Agency and is a member of the Salvation Army Advisory Board.  In addition, she served as the First African American President of the Broward County Council of Parent-Teacher Associations, as an Advisory Board member to the Red Cross, Broward County Chapter, as a member of the Community Service Council and Man Power Planning Association, and numerous other affiliations.

So, in the spirit of kicking a man when she’s down, I have reached out to every single organization listed and asked them to remove Poitier from their ranks.   Well, all except the “Man Power Planning Association”.   That entity does not exist.

One other thing.   When I checked, Poitier wasn’t on the Red Cross and Salvation Army Boards.

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