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Former commissioner and current convict Sylvia Poitier finds herself in another round … or is that round(s) … of legal trouble regarding the $60,000 she owes for dumping some really nasty chemicals out the back door of her dry-cleaning business.

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My friends in Tallahassee sent me this update,

Dear Mr. Stevens,

I received a request for a status update (from you through others) for DEP v. Sylvia Poitier and Felicia Poitier.  The service of process that you mentioned in your email was the service of a subpoena for the appearance of Sylvia Poitier at a deposition that was held on December 20, 2011, for purposes of financial discovery.  There is a pending motion for contempt filed against Sylvia Poitier for failure to complete a site assessment for perchloroethylene contamination on her property. Felicia Poitier’s judgment balance has been sent to collections.  Further action will be taken, but I cannot discuss future legal strategy, actions, or possible outcomes.  You can monitor the case on the website for the Clerk of Court for Broward County (Case No. 09-053225).


Matthew Smith-Kennedy
Senior Assistant General Counsel, FDEP
3900 Commonwealth Blvd, MS 35
Tallahassee, FL 32399