6 Flags Over The Shittier Parts Of Chernobyl

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Sylvia Poitier, who spent the better part of four decades abusing the political system for personal gain, has recently begun her appeals process with the hopes of overturning the jury’s verdict in her favor.

Sha right.

I guess in her PERC-addled mind, the residents of Deerfield Beach are better off with a Poitier at the helm.

Really? Poitier is really good for 33441/3? Or so says Jean RottenCrotch. That’s just retarded talk…

Well, along the way of trying to flambozzla her way back into office, JabbaTheHutt will have to deal with the aftermath of her impression of the 6 Flags Over The Shittier Parts Of Chernobyl.

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And by aftermath, here’s a good idea of her problems, as told to us by the 2010 Consent Final Judgment (State of Florida v The Dirtbags)

The polluting condition includes the presence of drycleaning chemicals in the ground or groundwater at the Facility in quantities which are or may be potentially harmful or injurious to human welfare, animal or plant life, or property. Since March 1, 1971, one or more discharges of hazardous or polluting substances, such as drycleaning chemicals, have occurred at the Facility. Pursuant to §§376.308 (1) (a) and (b), Fla. Stat., Defendant Sylvia Poitier is strictly liable to the Department for the polluting condition that has occurred at the Facility.

Not much room for discussion on this one — she’s a one-woman toxic sludge pond.

From pinching free paint to that CHDO fiasco (and all points in between), Poitier and her clan were dining at the public trough long before the public knew there was a trough.

But there is justice.

Witness said sweet justice.

The Defendant shall pay to the Department civil penalties in the sum of $43,000.00 and costs in the sum of $2,000.00, all in settlement of the matters addressed in this Consent Final Judgment.

And there’s more.  There’s another Consent Final Judgment for an additional $15,000.00’ish.

Could not have happened to a nicer bunch of shitheels. Making me wonder.  With no 2012 Mango on the event horizon and out of office, how’s the old thief going to make ends meet?