Chaz StevensPolitics

March 7, 2012

Broward State Attorney Office
201 Southeast 6th Street
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
Attention: Timothy Donnelly, Assistant State Attorney
Public Corruption Unit

Dear Sir:

I hereby file criminal complaints against City of Lauderdale Lakes City Manager Jonathan Allen for possible violations of Florida
Statute 119, Public Records.

Allegation #1/intentional Withholding of Public Information:

As a former employee of the City of Lauderdale Lakes in the capacity as Information Technology Manager I became aware of
the named individual conducting unethical, improper and possible illegal activities. As a concerned taxpayer first and foremost,
I and others have made some public records requests in an attempt to gather information to provide to the proper authorities
(details below, backup documentation provided in the following pages).

Contrary to Florida law,

  1. The City of Lauderdale Lakes failed to acknowledge our original request.
  2. 1t was well over two weeks before I became aware there was an email blocking situation.
  3. After I conducted a detailed investigation with my internet provider (Time Warner Cable) about the reason the Lauderdale lakes City Clerk was not responding to my repeated attempts to check the status, It was determined that my email address ( was being willfully and Intentionally blocked at the server level from Lauderdale Lakes email server.
  4. Once the issue had been identified, I faxed the requests directly to the City Clerk of Lauderdale lakes and confirmed receipt (see documentation).

Since I have never sent any communication to any person at Lauderdale Lakes that could be construed as anything but
professional and having to do with business matters, I am concluding that this action taken is an attempt to purposely and
willfully conceal and withhold public information in direcct violation of the law. I am also aware that similar allegations and
requests for action have been addressed to you by Mr. Chaz Stevens and this should be considered in addition to those.
I am respectfully requesting the Broward County State Attorney’s Office thoroughly investigate these allegations and to the
extent permitted by State or local law or regulations, any and all penalties, sanctions, or other disciplinary actions for violations
of such standards be applied forthwith.

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