Don’t. Just don’t.

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Having learned that former Deerfield Beach City Manager Larry Deetjen is one of the eight finalists for the League City, Texas spot, MAOS kicked into high gear with the following letter.

Greetings League City, Texas.

Deerfield Beach checking in… I’ve read that Larry Deetjen is one of the your eight finalists in your search for a new City Manager. So, with that in mind, I thought I would take a moment of your valuable time to offer a bit of unsolicited personal opinion.

1.  Don’t. Just don’t.
2.  See Item #1.

A few facts that you might not know about Deetjen, or be happy to have learned.

Three of the elected officials sitting on the dais during Larry’s last year here in town have been arrested and removed from office. Two found guilty (one sentenced to a year, the other probation).  And Larry’s best pally, former mayor Al Capellini is awaiting trial.

For disclosure, I will indicate it was my work that brought all three of this criminals to justice. So when an expert on Broward Politics tells you “Don’t. Just don’t”, I opine that’s worth strong consideration.

Deetjen is also a huge control freak. Proponents of open and transparent government will not find his style of management to their liking. Folks who dig the gulag will be tickled pink. And did you know that he had $20,000 worth of A/V gear surreptitiously installed in his office?

Also, as a Commissioner, should you find yourself on Deetjen’s “s*** list”, you’ll end up having a local cop roam the corridors of City Hall to “keep the piece”.  We here in Deerfield Beach speak from experience.

See friends, when LRD left South Florida for Oak Lawn, IL, I felt the moral obligation (as I do now) to write to those folks who were about to get saddled with Deetjen’s Reign of Incompetence. Here’s an excerpt from the letter I sent along:

First, before I begin, my apologies and heart felt sorrows to the good people of your Village for having to put up with Mr. Deetjen.

I am not sure how much you know of my town and our struggle coming to grips with the disaster wrought onto us by Mr. Deetjen, so perhaps it’s best to start with a little something about both.

Deerfield Beach, located 15 miles north of Fort Lauderdale, is a quiet seaside hamlet of about 80,000 people.  It is a quaint shire that may never recover from Mr. Deetjen’s reign of terror.

Mr. Deetjen ran this town as if he owned it, handing out perks left and right, providing people with seats at the adult table, in the hopes of securing favor and position.

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As Nancy Reagan so eloquently stated, Just Say No.

All the best to you. Good luck to you if you hire Larry Deetjen.  You will sorely need it.