Barney Capellini.

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[cleeng_content id=”169515824″ description=”Why stop now? It’s just getting interesting!” price=”1.99″ referral=”0.10″]Al’s Recipe For Riding The Balogna Pony In The Funhouse:

  • Throw $200,000 away on legal fees.
  • Toss in the seven, that’s right seven, defense motions for continuance.
  • Add a pinch (four motions) of dismissal.

And what do you get?

At best, this was a potential ethics violation,” Bogenschutz wrote, suggesting that Capellini’s conduct was no worse than that of (former Coral Springs mayor) Scott Brook, who has been ethically censured but not charged.

– Paula McMahon, Sun-Sentinel

Al Capellini’s case hinges on Judge Rebollo falling for the line “Al’s a crook, but so is Stacy Ritter and Scott, so give the fat old white guy a break. Besides which, Cap didn’t really act with ‘criminal intent’ when he pocketed that $16,000.”

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Well Al, perhaps you can bunk up with Steve Gonot. And judging by the way you two guys used to go at it, I am thinking a lot more sporking than spooning in Cell Block D.

For those just tuning in from another planet, the former mayor of Deerfield Beach, Al “Reminds MAOS of Barney Rubble” Capellini, is scheduled for trial this coming September. Rubble… Er… Capellini voted on a city project that he also worked on privately as a paid consultant.

It was our complaint that sent Barney to jail.

Read the rest of the Sun-Sentinel story here.[/cleeng_content]

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