Allen’s Solution.

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After Anita Fain-Taylor, you’d think Lauderdale Lakes would try something else besides “turning a blind’s eye.”

Hell, when I bury my head in the sand, the weather’s perfectly fine down here.

[cleeng_content id=”404783783″ description=”Why stop now? It’s just getting interesting!” price=”0.99″ referral=”0.10″]Sadly, in the end, City ignored every one of John Scott’s recommendations.

You will recall, it was about two months ago the OIG issued their final investigative reports (11017 and 11021).

And last week, the City published their response.

Here’s our retort.

Issue #1: City Staff review… themselves.

Holy Christ. Really?

It was :JA: that caught the OIG’s attention, so the correction is for Allen to review himself? Can you have a circle jerk of one?

Maybe it’s just us, but this problem began when Allen axed the purchasing department.

And we agree a CCNA review is long overdue.

Our staff noted, “What idiot thought this was a fix.”

Issue #2: Reviews to be done on a regular basis.

Yeah, no shit.

City charter demands the Commission approve all contracts over $25,000 and now, they’ll evaluate “all substantive deals below that threshold.”

What the hell does that mean?

We note that Allen has taken to hiding information from his bosses.

Issue #3: Prepare to be assimilated.

Six months later and the City is “still preparing” new procedures for adoption.

Hint to Allen: Spend less time traveling on NFBPA city business.

Issue #4: Going off the ranch.

So what happens when Allen decides to free-ball it – ignoring proposals, misuse of sole-source covenants, and/or cronyism (ADA, DSI, etc.)?

Issue #5: Oh those criminal felony acts.

Even though the OIG noted Allen’s open disregard for policy and deliberate violation of the city’s charter, no administrative action will be taken.[/cleeng_content]