Upsetting the apple cart.

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Comparing apples to oranges, Lauderdale Lakes seems much more concerned about Taylor/Tibbs than :JA:.

[cleeng_content id=”156776601″ description=”Why stop now? It’s just getting interesting!” price=”0.99″ referral=”0.10″]You see, for those keeping score at home:

  • OIG Report #1 (11017): three recommendations, 11 replies
  • OIG Report #2 (11021): two recommendations, five replies

OIG Report #1 Responses #1 & #2:

From their six-month FY12 review, the budget was downwardly adjusted $40,000, but failed to account for the $400,000 BCPA reduction in the property tax collection.

MAOS response: “Is there anyone home?”

Response #3:

The City’s five-year plan was based upon:

  • No changes to FY12
  • The refinancing of all major debt
  • The lease/buyback of city assets
  • A thirteen-year BSO repayment plan, instead of the five offered by the County
  • And don’t even get us started on the CRA, whose job in life is to manage a garden.

MAOS response: “Is any of this even realistic or feasible?”

Response #4:

While the City addressed the restructuring of debt, they failed to mention Allen’s role, first as Assistant City Manager and now City Manager in this debacle.

MAOS response: “In the end, this debt will be his legacy.”

Response #5:

Since December 2010, all the monthly financial reports have overstated the General Fund brought/forward cash by $1.3M, included many errors (98% taxes collected), and the overspending of funds.

MAOS response: “If at first you don’t succeed, call :ME:.”

Response #6:

The FY11 audit is proving to be a fiasco. Periodic reports have indicated “numbers are not adding up.”

MAOS response: “It will be :worse(r):.”

Response #7:

MAOS response: “Isn’t this a Report #2 issue?”

Response #8:

MAOS response: “Staff needed extra training.”

Response #8:

If FY13 follows FY12, you can expect:

  • Transfers to balance the budget
  • Over inflated revenue numbers
  • Fire fee over the legal maximum
  • Jacked up special assessments
  • A seemingly endless supply of errors

MAOS response: “Still no clue to the difference between a balanced budget (revenue equal expenses), a realistic budget (both revenues and expenses are realistic) and a budget with cash flow projections.”[/cleeng_content]