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Boca Raton, FL– June 28, 2012

According to Fox News, “Authorities may never know why a Florida man viciously attacked and chewed on the face of an older homeless man in Miami last month after lab tests failed to find components of ‘bath salts’ in the system of the assailant, who was killed by police.”

Bath salts, also known as ivory wave, vanilla sky, and monkey dust, are powdered designer drugs. Often labeled “not for human consumption”, many cities are looking to ban their sale.

Susannah Bryan of the Sun-Sentinel writes, “On June 12, Sunrise [Florida] became the first city in Broward to ban synthetic marijuana. All 19 stores selling fake weed in Sunrise pulled the packets from shelves.”

However, according to Thomas Wright, a Boca Raton-based attorney who focuses on herbal incense laws, “bath salts and incense are two different beasts. It’s like saying marijuana and LSD are the same thing.”

Wright has taken on numerous clients who manufacture synthetic weed, commonly branded as herbal incense. He says that the herbal incense market is “insanely profitable” and that no law will curb demand or production.

Wright says that bath salts are incredibly dangerous. “I’ve had guys who manufacture these bath salts come into my office, and we won’t even deal with it,” he says.

Wright suspects that bath salts aren’t nearly as profitable and that the market will stifle itself as retailers are increasingly leery of selling a drug associated with cannibalism.

“But is it legislatively possible to really put an end to it? It’s really difficult,” Wright says.

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