The Lauderdale Lakes 2013 Budget. #epicfail.


29 Jul The Lauderdale Lakes 2013 Budget. #epicfail.

[cleeng_content id=”376371065″ description=”Why stop now? It’s just getting interesting!” price=”0.99″ referral=”0.10″]We’ve broken down the 2013 Lauderdale Lakes budget. Here’s our Executive Summary:

  1. Balanced budget- my ass.
  2. “The plan”- my ass.
  3. Totally ignores the $4.8M deficit in General Fund and the $1.7M in the fire fund (plus some other funds).
  4. $20K in performance bonus to be paid this year. Guess to who?
  5. This is what happens when you put a secretary, I mean Finance Director, in charge.

Pg 1-

  1. The first thing to highlight is the CRA TIF- they are showing the $777K as both a decrease in revenue and as an expense.
  2. At the bottom of this sheet- the General Admin and DS do not match the totals on the backup sheet.
  3. They are now showing in CRA the TIF from the other agencies as misc revenues. I think by Florida Statute definition that is TIF- are trying to hide it from the other agencies?
  4. Also look at transfers- $470K- still using transfers to balance the budget and part of the transfers are from the fire fund which has a deficit of $1.7M.
  5. Another error- they are not showing the debt in each of the funds- does not match the details sheets.

Pg 2-

  1. The total on this worksheet does not match the totals on page 1. Not a balanced budget?
  2. Also no breakout on what debt this applies to..
  3. Also note the performance incentives of $20K- to who? (why not use this to cover the $16K they are trying to take away from the Boards).

Pg 3-

  1. Here’s the $16K for the boards that caused the ruckus.
  2. Making the boards pay for the City mismanagement?
  3. Why not use the $20K above- :JA: and :ME: do not need performance bonuses

Pg 4-

  1. Debt sheet from the budget. The second debt is the balloon payment to Suntrust.
  2. Do not see any where in the budget where there is enough to pay this.
  3. Probably plan on refinancing this but do not see that disclosed anywhere either.
  4. And this is not debt paid by GO Bond debt service millage- that is shown separately.
  5. Almost 1.5m should come from Stormwater – see next page only budgeted $208K.
  6. Remember :JA2: has to save the cash in Stormwater.

Pg 5-

  1. Debt service only $208K- did not include this on page 1 like they should. Deceiving?
  2. What is the $175K transfer to GF for?
  3. All the people working in Stormwater are paid for by the Stormwater Fund.

Pg 6-

  1. Again- the debt shown here is not on pg 1 like it should.
  2. What is $75K transfer to GF for?
  3. Same as above- all people are paid out of Gas Tax fund.

Pg 7-

  1. Transfer to GF of $150K – for what?
  2. This is the Waste Management contract.
  3. Also what is the capital outlay of $75K in here for-can’t be for WM?

Pg 8-

  1. Fire Fund- again the debt payment here not shown on pg 1.
  2. Bigger issue- not the showing the transfer of $75K to GF that is on page 1- deceiving. Transferring from a fund with a $1.7M deficit?
  3. Remember whole OIG issue on using transfers to balance the budget? Maybe the logic is that the fire fund only has a $1.7M deficit while the GF has a $4.8M deficit??

Pg 9-

  1. Alzheimer Fund- now has over a 100% deficit (-$445K versus annual budget of $375K) and not doing anything about it.

Pg 10-

  1. CIP Fund- where is this $1.4m coming from- no fund balance- must be new revenue???
  2. Ha!
  3. #epicfail

Pg 11-

  1. Grant Fund- only shows a $388K defict in fund balance.
  2. What about the $1.4M in cash that this fund owes- where is that disclosed?

Pg 12-

  1. Fire fund- look at trend- EMS expenses are steadily decreasing while the Fire SA Fee expenses are steadily increasing.
  2. This does nothing for the $1.7M deficit in the fire fund either.


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