Trash is costing a lot in Delray Beach.

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For most cities the trash contract is usually the largest most expensive deal brokered at City Hall. And in Delray Beach a growing number of residents believe the city could save a lot of money with a new company doing the work. For nearly a decade Waste Management has been hauling trash in Delray Beach and the city pays them serious cash.

[cleeng_content id="955043330" description="Why stop now? It's just getting interesting!" price="0.99" referral="0.10"][pwal id="14211118" description=""]Now city leaders are talking about another 5 year lucrative deal with waste management but the inspector general’s office and some  watchdogs say not so fast and the contract should be put out for bid. So far that hasn’t happened and some residents believe the city could get  better rates with a different trash hauler. Mayor Woody McDuffie says he’s open to all options. But the truth is it’s been more than a decade since Delray Beach put their trash contract out for competitive bids. That’s main reason the Palm Beach County Inspector General’s Office is paying close attention.

The mayor says there’s nothing to hide. Concerned citizens say its common sense to give every trash company who’s interested a shot.

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Chaz Stevens
Chaz StevensTrash is costing a lot in Delray Beach.