Why I like Abby Freedman.


21 Nov Why I like Abby Freedman.

Over on Buddy Nevin’s site (BrowardBeat.com), comes a bit regarding Broward County School Board Member Abby Freedman:

It didn’t take long for newly-minted School Board member Abby Freedman to discover the biggest impediment to improvement in our classrooms:

No, not the teachers. Freedman believes rightly so that they need more resources and sympathy.

It’s the apparatchiks pushing paper without any accountability and the six-figure lifers in glass offices at the system’s headquarters.

One – this person will go unnamed – misled Freedman with faulty information before her first meeting this week.

Bad move.   Wrong person to pull that on.

And here’s a copy of the comment I left…

Props to Freedman and her endeavor to help out our kids.

As to Freedman’s efforts, it is important to remember her opponent was Rochelle “Shelly” Solomon.

  • Solomon, who is a silver-spooned, Pinecrest educated, life coach and tennis instructor.
  • Solomon, who gave money to every Tom Lauder, Dick Leggett, and Jane Tea Partier.
  • Solomon, who seemed to have violated Florida Elections Law.

Violated what, you say?

You see, good friends, Solomon, spent $7,500 at a local UPS store on “mailers”. This was the single largest expense of her campaign.

All well and good I suppose, if all was well and good.

I opine it wasn’t and isn’t, as I can’t find a single mailer that went out (Sept/Oct/Nov) with Solomon’s name and required disclosure on it.

And my team looked high and low. We canvassed the district… We found some original mailers (mid summer), but not any from late in the election cycle.

While I didn’t find any mailers, I did find the following:

  1. Right before she spent $3,750 (1/2) on the mailers, she paid Leggett (of coloREDBroward.com) $450 for “communications”.
  2. When I confronted Solomon on the telephone about this matter, she was absolutely dumbstruck as to these expenses — unable to fashion a coherent thought, reasonable excuse, or even string a complete sentence together. In my grandma’s vernacular, I done f***ed her brains out.
  3. Solomon’s unofficial spokesmodel, my buddy Margate Commissioner Le Peerman, rose up in stern defense. However, neither Peerman nor Solomon have provided any data in defense of my allegation. It’s simple really — a copy of the mailing list and the piece that went out.

Don’t tell me, “oh Shelly didn’t do that…” Show me.

And by me, I mean the SAO.

And what is my allegation? I alleged, in a complaint to the Florida Elections Commission, that Broward County School Board District #4 candidate Rochelle “Shelly” Solomon, in willful violation of Florida Statute 106.143, spent $7,500 on campaign mailers that weren’t directly attributable to her campaign. In the end, it is my position that Solomon paid others to do her dirty work.

This complaint was also filed with Timothy Donnelly of the Broward State Attorney’s Office.


Kick some ass Abby.

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