The UnState of Emergency in Lauderdale Lakes


31 Jan The UnState of Emergency in Lauderdale Lakes

According to anonymous troll commenters, “Of course no one bothered to return your calls. When you do stupid crap like install a “Festivus” pole made of beer cans next to the nativity people label you a crackpot with nothing better to do, and ignore you.”

Really?  Allow us to retort.


Thursday, January 31, 2013

Senator Joe Abruzzo
12300 Forest Hill Boulevard
Suite 200
Wellington, FL 33414-5785

CC: Commissioner Martin Kiar
Broward County Governmental Center
115 S. Andrews Ave., Room 417
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Commissioner Stacy Ritter
Broward County Governmental Center
115 S. Andrews Ave., Room 417
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

RE: The failure of Lauderdale Lakes, FL to declare a Financial Emergency

via email

The Honorable Senator Abruzzo:

Hey Joe;

My thanks for yesterday’s call and as mentioned, here’s a few notes regarding Lauderdale Lakes for Gov. Rick Scott’s office.

As you know, the City of Lauderdale Lakes declared a 2010 State of Financial Emergency. I opine City Manager Jonathan Allen, working in collusion with Rep. Hazelle Rogers, illegally violated FS 218.503 by not declaring for Fiscal Years 2011/12.

In support of this allegation, I offer the following for consideration:

  1. In Apr. 2011, the Broward Sheriff’s Office, overdue 90 days on a $5.8 million payment for contracted police and fire services, filed a complaint with Tallahassee, thereby triggering a State of Financial Emergency.
  2. After a lengthy delay (Jun. 2011), Lauderdale Lakes finally declares a state of emergency, while suggesting they have “everything” under control.
  3. On Sep. 30, with Lauderdale Lakes unable to meet its BSO obligation of $9.2 million, Broward County covers the entire payment and guaranteed all future invoices. Frustrated, then-Broward County Mayor John Rodstrom filed a State of Emergency on the city’s behalf.

At FY11 Ending, the city’s financial state:

  • $8 million unassigned fund balance deficit
  • $9.2 million owed to Broward County
  • $2.5 million stolen from the CRA, used to cover General Fund expenses

By law, these deficits are automatic triggers, yet no state of emergency is declared.

In 2012, the situation continues to erode:

  • Millage raised to 9.5, only 0.5 below the legal maximum
  • Stormwater fees raised 160%
  • Fire fees raised 30%

The city’s proposed solution:

  • A 20-year refinancing of all loans
  • An asset sell-off
  • Unethical, perhaps illegal, pay raises (plural) to Allen

I thereby respectfully request a review of the city’s role in this matter be undertaken with best possible speed. If you want to speak with Allen, merely locate the largest nearby rock – as he’s probably crawled back underneath it.

Happy hunting;

Chaz Stevens

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