OpEd: It is worse- there are no minutes attached to the agenda


09 Feb OpEd: It is worse- there are no minutes attached to the agenda

Also there no ordinances or resolutions attached to the agenda. They are missing! How can the public read them and be informed?

Big screw up….  How can they have a meeting? Public notice???

For the Tuesday Meeting-

Item 4A- Minutes

Where are they? Someone should send Vince Richmond out in a Ctiy vehicle to look for them..

Items 9G and 9H-

Didn’t Allen and Brady get slapped down at the last meeting on this?  No- no one wants you to release liens for Kenny Hobbs and family.

Why would the Commission not want to approve the releases of liens? Bitch slap them again….

Besides you are adopting Kenny Hobbs and Lauderhill’s programs in Items 9M and 9N. Enough for one night..

L Lakes Feb 12 Meeting by

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