Jean Robb: Allow us to retort.

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Sent to us this week, we’ve gotten around to peeling up a Jean Robb RobbZilla campaign email.

As we say, allow us to retort:

Robb:  Incidentally that is what I am famous for, I do research … a 10% utility tax when 40% of the Deerfield residents live below the poverty line.

Well, according to the US 2010 Census, only 17.5% of Deerfield Beach is below the poverty level.

Robb:  If you need someone to cut ribbons and be nice, Peggy is your candidate.

Apparently, we’ve been pre-warned Robb won’t play nice. As if that comes as a surprise.

Robb: I formed the cultural committee which just celebrated its 33 years.

Yep, you heard it right. Jean Robb is our town’s bastion of culture. Pop quiz: Name the last three things this committee did.

Robb: I hired a helicopter … that is how we got the courthouse for Deerfield Beach.

Robb also told the Sun-Sentinel, “It’s in an upscale neighborhood and will bring more people to the area.”



Two words… Sylvia Poitier.

Robb: THEY PASED [sic] THE 10% UTITLITY [sic] without a representative from district 2, and then proceeded to say that 1 and 4 had to carry the city and 2 and 3 were freeloaders

Facts, unlike Robb, don’t lie. D 1/4 pay the majority of taxes.

Robb: Bergeron companies gave her in excess of 3500 dollars. Our sanitation department is under seige. Bergeron is competing with Waste Management for the various cities’ garbage contracts

Unless I got how capitalism works all wrong, isn’t competition good? Isn’t lowered prices for services a good thing?

Robb: Seems like Deerfield has declared war on Canada

No, just the French speaking f***tards that want to install satellite dishes all over Century Village East.  Isn’t Caryl Berner enough of an eyesore?

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Chaz Stevens
Chaz StevensJean Robb: Allow us to retort.