Commissioner Ritter, ask yourself why.


12 Feb Commissioner Ritter, ask yourself why.

Commissioner Stacy Ritter;

via email

By now, I’m sure you’ve had the chance to read the Lauderdale Lakes three-page response to your request for an audit of the city’s General Fund and CRA. Additionally, you might have perused my retort to the poppycock put forth by Team Jon Allen.

After I sent that letter, it dawned on me that I was too far in the weeds, too technical in my reply, operating at a 3,000 ft. level, when what was truly needed was for me to step back and ponder this one simple idea.


  • Why does the County fund the city’s CRA, when all that agency accomplishes is the management of a community vegetable garden and the building of bus stops. How does that serve the interest of the County? How does that drive economic development?
  • Why does the County remain silent when it pays CRA salaries? Gary Rogers six-figure salary (managing said tomato patch) and the economic development manager / city clerk / assistant city manager?
  • Why does the County allow the city to monetarily benefit from the CRA’s investment, such as the profits derived from the Cultural Center?
  • Why does the County hold back as millions in county taxpayer money is borrowed /stolen, and then “refinanced” over twenty-years? That’s like me stealing money from Bank of America and then forcing them into a loan arrangement (without their approval / knowledge). Has anyone bothered to run a credit check (we’d suggest skipping over the Dead Beat Dad).

Ma’am, the Lauderdale Lakes CRA is a luxury the residents of Broward County can ill afford. Apologies in advance to Rogers if he loses his job, but I for one didn’t sign up to be his benefactor. He’s supposedly the “best in the business”, so maybe it’s about time he puts his money where his mouth is by testing the job market.

This nonsense has to be stopped.

Chaz Stevens

Chaz Stevens

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