Sun Sentinel: Lauderdale Lakes seeks to clean up rental properties, make sure they’re safe

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State of disrepair

Every apartment and rented home in Lauderdale Lakes will be inspected annually to make sure it’s in good shape and up to code — and the increased scrutiny will cost each owner $150 per unit per year.

It’s the latest attempt by a local city to come to terms with a foreclosure crisis that has seen many single-family homes turned into poorly maintained rental properties. It’s also one of the costliest for affected property owners.

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Once again L Lakes has the highest rates anywhere-

  • On top of the highest millage rate-
  • Extremely high storm water fees paid for no work on canal banks-
  • money going to Manny Diez’s company
  • Fire fees keep going up

The residents continue to pay- these fees will get passed on to them. Way to go Jon Allen- you and your buddy Kenny Hobbs both getting a cut on this?

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Mayor Jean Robb continues to violate City Charter by directing staff. - 4 days ago
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