Bend over Lauderdale Lakes Resident. Prepare for Thy Fist.

22 Feb Bend over Lauderdale Lakes Resident. Prepare for Thy Fist.

From the upcoming Feb. 25 Lauderdale Lakes workshop

B. DISCUSSION OF COLLECTION POLICY FOR EMERGENCY MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION SERVICE (EMTS) FEES ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE TO RESPOND TO A PENDING AUDIT COMPLIANCE ISSUE.Presently, the Broward Sheriff Office through Advanced Data Processing (ADP) bills and collects EMTS fees on behalf of the City of Lauderdale Lakes. There has been an unwritten collection process and procedure that the City would not implement an active collection process and procedure for all City customers.

This is a discussion on the City’s EMTS accounts receivable collection process and procedure.

Look out Lauderdale Lakes residents, here comes old Johnny again. Currently if a L’ Lakes resident uses EMS transport, then any balance left after insurance or other payments against that charge is forgiven. It has been that way for many years — they do not go after the resident for collection action.

Here comes old Jon saying the auditor is making him and the City go after the residents for this bill. That is not the auditor’s issue. The auditor only makes the City record the proper amount of uncollected amount for the EMS bills.

Why should the residents pay any more. They already pay the highest property taxes, stormwater fees raised by 160%- for what? Fire fees raised by 30% to pay for the EMS costs which is illegal. The residents are paying property taxes for EMS, fire special assessment fees for EMS costs and now they have to out-of-pocket more for EMS transport fees?

That is triple taxation in my book.

And why? To pay for Jon Allen raises and bonuses and for his cronies who get raises and bonuses while the general employees suffer?

And the Commissioners did not restore any of their lost wages- only Allen and his cronies got bonuses and raises on demand.

And let’s read thru the lines here- the auditor has issues with this? Jon Allen and Eric Haynes buddy? This is not the auditors call, this is Commission policy. The auditor does what you tell him to do as far as policy, he cannot set policy and neither can Allen (except in L Lakes of course). Remember the Mayor signs anything…

The auditor can only say that you have to make correct accounting entries that go into financial statements.

And this is the same auditor that let Jon Allen get away with saying there was $3.2M in cash in the FY 2011 financial statements when the records indicate that there was only $1.4M in cash total. Dipped into the special assessment cash again? Auditor looked the other way?

Sounds like a big snow job to residents already taxed to the limit.

Chaz Stevens

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