Hey Commissioner Stacy Ritter, are you listening?

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“Broward Inspector General slams Hallandale for gross mismanagement,” writes the Sun-Sentinel. From the OIG report, “It is becoming increasingly apparent that the gross mismanagement of CRA funds by a Broward County municipality is not a unique occurrence.”

Inspector General John Scott‘s report includes what amounts to a warning to other Broward cities that his office will be eyeballing their CRA’s to see how they spend their property tax dollars.

The OIG report found:

  1. Millions in questionable expenditures
  2. Money spent for projects outside the CRA district
  3. Shitty administration

Sound familiar?  Hello Lauderdale Lakes, meet Hallandale Beach.

We were blown away to learn, “a nonprofit grant recipient spent nearly $5,000 in funds to make a payment on her time-share at the Westgate Resort in Orlando, make payroll payments to herself and her brother and on other things. We found probable cause to believe that Dr. Deborah Brown, the founder and director of the Palms Center for the Arts ([PCA], engaged in criminal misconduct in the handling of a $5,000 award the PCA received from the CRA.”

What. The. F***.

Read the entire story here.

PS Kudos to Dan Christensen and William Gjebre for the story.

PSS Kudos to former City Commissioner Keith London for his efforts to bring this crap to light.

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Chaz StevensHey Commissioner Stacy Ritter, are you listening?