Letter to the Editor: Question for you, please.

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Dear Elected Officials of Coconut Creek;

We are wondering if it is appropriate for Chief Mann to be taking a young, single, female, newly appointed sergeant away to the International Association of Chiefs of Police Convention?  Especially when this young female newly appointed sergeant was already rumored to have been over-cordial with former DC B Biondoillo. As a citizen resident, I am shocked that this type of cronyism and poor decision making is still going on.

This is the same sergeant that DID in fact get permission from Chief Mann to drive, on duty, in uniform, to Biondolillo’s house in East Pompano, in order to walk his dogs. This happened numerous times.

We do believe this shows extremely poor judgement on part of the Chief as well as Rivera who ok’d the extra funds to allow a subordinate to sleep over-night at a hotel. As it has not happened yet, we are not alleging anything more than what has already been typed.  However, this is the type of, do as I say, NOT as I do, mentality that is bringing this great City to its knees.

[Editor's Notes]
  1. We’ve inquired, and have learned, it’s unusual for a Chief to take a Sergeant to this convention.
  2. We’ve also heard rumors, now mind you, just rumors, of a certain letter being sent to the Chief’s home that might be somehow tangentially related to this type of activity.
  3. In the end, I really could care less about the behavior of two consenting adults. Really none of my business. Just don’t do it on my tax dollar.
  4. Finally, when you think about it, how low would someone be stooping to want to stoop the Chief? Is there such a thing as a “Boss Hog fetish?”

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Chaz Stevens
Chaz StevensLetter to the Editor: Question for you, please.