Wish you were here.


01 Jun Wish you were here.

Arnstein & Lehr is one of the country’s oldest and most respected law firms. Since its founding in 1893, the Firm has served clients – large and small – throughout the United States and in many foreign countries.

Lauderdale Lakes City Attorney James Brady is a partner at their Fort Lauderdale branch.

The following is an email I sent to that firm’s CEO.

Edward O’Connell, CEO
Arnstein & Lehr LLP

via email

Mr. O’Connell;

Your partner, James Brady (Fort Lauderdale office), once professionally stated, “he worked in a fishbowl.” We concur, and opine, “he’s a lost soul, swimming in that fish bowl, year after year.”

I imagine Jimbo wishes we weren’t here.

Did you know those in charge of Lauderdale Lakes, Florida (Brady is the City Attorney) seem to be cooking their books — all done to hide the truth from the public, as the City’s fund balance deficit has grown to $5.4 million, there was no million dollar surplus, and contrary to Florida Law, there was no 2012 balanced budget.

And then, there’s the mysterious refinancing of $9.2 million BSO debt, now recorded as revenue.

An absolutely mind-boggling maneuver, and one, I opine, that is quite illegal — since FS 166.11 states, “a municipality can only issue debt or borrow for capital projects.” The city’s own charter, Section 3.17(4) declares, “an ordinance is required authorize the borrowing of money.”

No ordinance was passed for this debt.

We suppose, it was Brady’s advice, after all, which most likely allowed for the financing of a non-existing debt – perhaps done to intentionally mislead investors, taxpayers, residents, and those charged with oversight.

I have contacted the State Office of the Legislative Auditing Committee, the State Auditor General, the Broward County OIG and the State Attorney’s Office suggesting action be taken against City Manager Jon Allen, Commissioner Eric Haynes, Auditor Rod Harvey, and Brady.

Finally, one last note. Perception became reality, as Brady seemingly changed his advice for the removal of Haynes *after* receiving notice of a possible $23,000 increase to his billing.

  • Brady sent his email on 5/23 at 1:52pm.
  • Allen called Brady after that and promised Brady $23k increase in his budget.
  • Brady issued the correction about voting around 5pm- (down at the very bottom of Brady’s email)
  • Allen issued his email at 6:28pm advising that the resolution was pulled from the meeting.
  • The agenda for the 5/27 meeting was published later on 5/23 at 8:00pm

Chaz Stevens, Genius

PS For there record, my previous work has resulted in the arrest of three different public officials.


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