Grassi Ass: International Rockstar Businessman!

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From his 2007 bankruptcy, local-f***ing-idiot John Grassi charged off the following debts (to his family):

  • Carol Grassi: $35,000
  • Sunalee Grassi: $37,000
  • Toni Grassi: $31,000

And speaking of chargeoffs from this jerkoff:

  • Student Loans: $36,896
  • Charge cards: $53,000
  • Maersk Sealand: $43,485
  • Maersk: $500,000

John, a world-famous importer/exporter, earned the following income from Grassi Enterprises, Inc.

  • 2005: 25,310.00
  • 2006: $30,000 estimate
  • 2007: none

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Chaz Stevens
Chaz StevensGrassi Ass: International Rockstar Businessman!