Hazelle Rogers … under investigation and still winning awards.

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Florida Legislators Honored with 2013 Legislative Appreciation Awards

The Florida League of Cities honored the following Florida legislators with Legislative Appreciation Awards for their tireless efforts to protect the home rule powers of Florida’s cities by supporting the League’s legislative agenda during the 2013 legislative session.


Wonder how Hazelle Rogers received this award? She is under investigation for pressuring Dwight Stevenson to pay $50k for lobbying efforts for the Library project for the City of Lauderdale Lakes that she represented as a Commissioner at the same time and also not reporting it to the IRS.

The League of Cities awards for this type of activity? Let’s give them a break and say they did not know. But now they shall…

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CFO candidate (D) William Rankin Probable Cause Hearing http://t.co/1G1OLkUqfu - 21 hours ago
Chaz Stevens
Chaz StevensHazelle Rogers … under investigation and still winning awards.