23% of the Deerfield Beach CRA budget goes to “other expenses.”

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Our review of the Broward County study, “The Future of Redevelopment Funding,” as it pertains to the Deerfield Beach CRA, revealed $9.2M ($8.8M in TIF) in revenue, and $16.2M in expenditures, with the $7M difference made up with loans and IOUs.

Like other “very expense heavy” CRAs, Deerfield’s is no different:

  • $16.2M in expenses (excludes principal repayment)
  • $2.5M on interest
  • $11.7M on capital/projects
  • $2.1M on “other” expenses

$2.1M is approximately 23% of the total budget; a very high overhead rate, likely eaten up mostly by salaries.

Luckily, Deerfield doesn’t plant tomato gardens, as done by the Lauderdale Lakes CRA.

While details on the $11.7M in capital improvements are lacking:

  • In 2012, the CRA spent $8.6M against revenue of $2.1M (the $6.5M difference made up by past loan fund balances)
  • Of that $8.6M spent, almost $7M went to capital and $700k transferred to the General fund for debt/interest

Details, as mentioned, were scarce, but we did note $6.8M in “streetscape” improvements. So, it’s hard to tell if the $18M bought any “solid capital improvements.”

Finally, the Deerfield Beach CRA has a fund balance of $2,659,188, which I would assume goes to debt service.

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