Ha! Oh no … she didn’t!

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To: Jean Robb
CC: The Commission

via email

As a blogger, I really love you. No really, I simply adore your ability — much like the Quote Maker himself, Charles Barclay — to say shit that’s just so absolutely ludicrous, so off the wall, so bat-shit insane that you leave folks stunned senseless.

Reminds me back in the day when the swear word “cunt” was the absolute top of the swearing hierarchy. You could stop any discussion just by flashing the joker of all swear words. I mean… wow. Cunt. It’s got two hard consonants. Not only that, but they are at the beginning and at the end. Come in with a crash, go out with a bang. And the ‘u’ gives it that really short syllable sound.

Ahh… But I digress.

From your recent letter to the editor, you noted, “The Afro-American community that the commissioner is supposed to serve would testify that Dr. Robb took loving care of them.”

Ha! Oh, no she didn’t!

I thought when you called the Jews in Century Village, “Hymies from Hymietown”, you’d have set the gold standard for political incorrectness.

But now this?

The Afro-American community?

Bravo!  You not only jumped the shark, but blew up the ramp along the way!

afro-robbIt’s this type of crap, I mean political forward-thinking that deserves an award, so I’ve attached artwork that best captures the moment. I’d like to donate a 3’x2’ framed print for display in the Commission chambers.

Afro-American.  Fucking funny!




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Chaz Stevens

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Chaz Stevens
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Chaz StevensHa! Oh no … she didn’t!