Another day, another Jean Robb complaint

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To: Broward OIG, Broward SAO, Florida Ethics Commission, and FDLE

Gents and Ladies (and Roy Ishoy):

Enclosed please find my complaint filed against the 219 year old Mayor of Deerfield Beach, one Jean RobbRottenCrotch.

As most of us are aware (and quiet as to not awaken Richard Rosenzweig) …

Wait, let me tell you something about that turd Rosenzweig.

  1. He was in the service for like 90 days, so he won’t release his DD214, yet claims to have stormed the beaches of Valhalla,
  2. At the previous Deerfield Beach meeting, the City handed out an appreciation award to a young fellow (10 years old) who saved a drowning girl.  All well and good.  Except RozenLackenBalls awakens from his slumber, and gleefully tells the audience — why, see what autistic kids can do!  Thing is, the kid isn’t autistic, but he’s now in the back of the crowded audience balling his eyes out!

Enough of the fun, let’s get back to my story of woe and complaint.

As you know, the Florida Ethics Commission and Paper Tigers found probable cause 5/5 times on RobbRottenCrotch — a story over Robb’s dealing with non-profits, also known as her failure to report said lobbying efforts, and then her cover up.

Or a story there abouts.

If you’ve not been following city news, there’s been a minor rebellion over Deerfield’s desire to shut down our gambling casino — aka the Packer Rattlers Betting and Cocaine For Sale League.

Seems several of our more, shall we say colorful characters (measured by crimes charged/committed) have taken exception to management’s idea of merging the black football league with the white football league.

And by league, of course I am referring to Pee Wee Football.

Any who…

Robb, and her partner in this endeavor Sylvia Poitier …

Side Note: Poitier offered to the city to shitcan the Packer Rattler Board, get the league on the same page as the city, for a cut of the grant.  The city told Sylvia to FO.

As I was saying, Robb and Poitier, stymied by City Hall, have taken it upon themselves to save western civilization as we know it.

Ha!  I jest.

Actually, Robb, the noob, is making calls left and right, sending emails left and write (see what I did there?), all trying to find two practice fields for the Rattler kids.

Ok … so here’s the problem.

Robb sent an email (see below) to Land Use Attorney Dennis Mele — seeking his assistance, hoping he’d be able to … shit, I really don’t know … broker a deal, make a call, lend an ear, bend an ear.  Seems that Zion Lutheran has fields, but is in the process of turning into a charter school.

Since that email, I believe Mele has come before the city…

Robb, as you might surmise, didn’t file the proper paperwork — notifying the county of her lobbying efforts.

I’m bothered that Robb would call upon a very powerful attorney, one who often calls upon the city.  Now, for the record, I am not accusing Mele of doing anything improper … I believe he’s as honorable as the day is long.

It’s Robb’s lack of, well everything ethically related that’s up for discussion.

Along the way, I also suggest that Robb’s violated 838 — Misuse of Office.

Lastly, see Tim Donnelly what happens when you sit around with your thumb up your ass — sure the limitations clock isn’t ticking, but the citizens of Deerfield Beach are burdened everyday by the ass clown named Robb.

Kindly review the emails, and go arrest her.

The perp walk would be glorious.

Kindly accept this email as a written complaint against Mayor Jean Robb for violating County rules regarding lobbying and possible violation of FS 838.

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