Removing Leo “The Racist” Robb’s name

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Deerfield Beach Commissioner Gloria Battle;

Over the years, we’ve not always seen eye to eye … In fact, quite candidly, I was very concerned about your election to the dais. However, I’ll be the first to admit you’ve done a good job, a quite surprising shock. You are a 100x improvement over Preston, and there’s not a big enough number (perhaps Graham’s number) to compare your efforts to Poitier.

I approach you today to plant a seed in your head.

As you know, I’ve tried over the years to build interest in having Leo Robb’s name removed from the West Side park gym. I’m not the first person to carry this flag, just the latest in a long line of folks who think his name doesn’t belong anywhere near that building.

Originally covered by the Sun-Sentinel, Leo’s racist past isn’t a state secret.

“I got the land. I got the money. It was really my project, and the commissioners allowed me to pick the name,” Robb said. “I don’t believe my commissioners are going to fold under this kind of stuff.”

City commissioners have unanimously approved naming it after Robb’s husband.

Westside community activists Moses Cody Jr. says he’s going to continue pressuring the city to change the gymnasium’s name because of Leo Robb’s history of racial separation.

“When you put a name on a building, it should be a name that gives pride to the community. His name doesn’t give pride the community,” said Cody, 42, who has lived in Deerfield Beach since 1956.

In recent times, the Mayor has pandered, squandered, tinkered, and dickered the hopes of your community.  The swing vote on the black cemetery / condo, Robb gleefully tells her residents (via her condo newsletter) all will enjoy increased property values. Over in City Hall, Robb continues to refer to the Clerk’s office as “you people.” Not the first time, as we all know.

I call upon you to consider removing Leo Robb’s name from Westside, replacing it with another individual who doesn’t have such a horrible racist history.

Thank you for listening.


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