Robb … Liar, and punked by spammers.

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So, here’s another take on Deerfield Beach Mayor JeanRobbZilla not providing public records.

It all started with this public record request.

Dear Great Ladies of the Clerk’s Office; Howdy. In a previous commission meeting or two ago, Mayor Jean NutsAsTheyComeRobb told those watching her antics that “she’s been threatened via email.” Or something along those lines. Okay, with that in mind: 1. I’d like to get a copy of all threatening emails — INCLUDING MESSAGE HEADERS WHICH WILL INDICATE REFERRER IP ADDRESSES. 2. I’d like to get a copy of the police report filed … I mean after all, she was threatened, that’s a serious matter, one that needs to be looked into by the powers to be. I’m guessing however, the answer to this request will be “no documents responsive.” Thanks as always.

Which generated this response:

[gview file=””]

WTF? Really?

Well, that’s not what I was looking for … so, I jotted off this followup to the Clerk:

I bring your attention to the commission meeting dated April 19, around the 2 hr 49m mark, where RobbZilla makes the following statement — “I received an email today from someone who accused me of going along with the purchase because of a large development.” Bought his house in 1999, worth $155K, now worth $393K. It wasn’t your house, I didn’t look for you, because you didn’t send me a threatening email.”

  1. The City provided me (supposedly) all of RobbZilla’s emails for Apr 18/19 …
  2. I’ve reviewed those emails.
  3. The email in question, as legally required by Florida law, has not be provided.

I am, however, now in receipt of a 2014 BSO police information, where Robb was gloriously phished by African based email pranksters. Now, unless those pranksters bought a house over in Crystal Lake, I’m willing to bet the data provided in FOIA #1152 isn’t the same email Robb was referring to…

My question — with absolutely zero disrespect to staff, why do I have to ask three-four times for an email? Can you ask our wonderful City Attorney to opine as to why this is the case — how many times do you need to ask?

I request RobbZilla provide that email directly referenced in her comments dated 4/19 (see above) — as required by law.

It’s nuts, isn’t it?

In the end, this will all be interesting cannon fodder for next week’s SAO meeting.

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