Coke, Domestic Violence, Battery on Woman/Child

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Thought that his March 2016 cocaine bust would have shown him the light.


Deerfield Beach resident David Cody, nephew of Sylvia Poitier, purveyor of lies, and lover of cocaine … all 5’7″, 285 pounds seems to be caught up in more trouble.

Now, this rotund sack of shit has two, yes two, different restraining order on him and there’s also this recent arrest for battery. Seems the fat fuck “knowingly and intentionally pushed the victim while she was holding her 2-month old baby in her arms.”

Cody, awaiting sentencing in drug trial for his coke bust, can be seen around town wearing an ankle monitor.

Way to go Ace! I bet that makes your other mother, Caryl StealsiPads, oh so happy.

Dude, fat, dumb, fatter, and dumber isn’t working for you.

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