Today’s warm fuzzy email to Deerfield’s Jean Robb.

Chaz StevensJean Robb, Politics0 Comments

Hey Jean;

Did you hear the news? Are you sitting down? Have you taken your morning meds?

‘Cause, you see, you nasty old fucking battle axe, I’m headed to the Broward State Attorney’s Office this week with the single sole intention of fucking your shit up.

Yep, that’s right, I plan to put the fucked in fucked up with it comes to your career, freedom, and legacy.

Years down the road, when you are long gone (praise Jesus!), we’ll all be talking about that time Chaz Stevens took down another corrupt elected official (aka you).

Enjoy the week, I know I will.

Feel free to fire up Patrick, your attack Chihuahua … see if he can rub this one out for you.

You’re fucked, and we both know it.

Oh, and have a blessed day!

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