We now return back to Lauderdale Lakes.

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What is happening now in Lauderdale Lakes with new city manager- “Baby Face” Kelvin Baker Sr?

Positions added that are not in the budget. So how are these people being paid?

Positions filled by Baker without advertising them- A big no-no and violation of the city code.

Giving huge salaries to new hires that far exceed the salaries of staff there for many years.

Making his folks “executive staff” and eligible for extra benefits not due them under city code.

A proposed budget that is not posted anywhere for the public to review? Transparency my ass!

And who is this Assistant City Manger TC that reminds us of Lurch on the Adams Family?

Damn we have to say that Jon Allen, the former city manger, looks pretty good right now if you exclude his views on female elected officials.

At least he screwed everyone and bragged about it.

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