BSO Alert: Pedophile-loving David Cody

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via email to BSO Deerfield Precinct Capt. Bob Schnakenberg

Hey Capt.

As you might know, noted local intellectualist David Cody was recently (last couple of months):

  1. popped with some coke, coke as in cocaine (drug court)
  2. popped a woman and her 2-month old baby to the floor (criminal court)
  3. popped for a civil traffic violation (traffic court)

Recently (see attached) the Court put the pedophile-loving Cody on lockdown, I would assume pre-trial lockdown … aka house arrest … in the Court’s order, PedoCody’s freedom was strictly limited, which included just one visit to the Meet Mayor Mccracken’s shindig.

So, it would seem, if PedoCody decided to show up at another meeting, you know he’ll want to schwoon the audience with excerpts from his blazing mental prowness’ness, I’d opine that’s a VOP (violation of probation).

Also, as you know, it’s all shits and giggles until someone giggles and shits, we’re gonna offer up to a $1,000 reward for any PedoCopy VOP intel, should such intel lead to further arrests, embarrassments, and/or water-boarding.

Kindly expect the MAOS Army to be on the lookout, helping your fine organization in our combined efforts to keep PedoCody within the terms of the Court’s demands.

If you’ve forgotten what PedoCody looks like, just imagine a 40 year old, rotund Sylvia Poitier sporting a cheesy looking goatee.

Finally, 2016 Festivus is nearly upon us. I think you might get a kick out of this year’s idea. It’s funny as *.

Best to you, donuts to all!

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