Opinion: Avoid Dr. Joy Hao of Boca Raton at all costs.

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Editor’s Note: We’ve never reposted a Yelp! review of ours here … however, since this medical practice appears to have hidden or had our reviews removed from RateMD.com and HealthGrades.com, we thought it best to share our thoughts.

The following is my opinion, based on my own personal experience with Dr. Joy Hao.

Dr. Joy Hao
2900 N Military Trl
Ste 101
Boca Raton, FL 33431
(561) 998-0309


Pro: The place is nice, the staff is friendly, Hao is congenial.

Yeah, that’s about it.

Cons: If you’re looking for medical help, avoid this place at all costs.

1. I had a recurring foot issue, Hao’s “med-spa” recommended six acupuncture treatments. Perhaps they stuck the needle in my wallet, as the only thing that deflated was my checking account.

Also, here Chaz, try these very expensive supplements, that’s the trick… guaranteed to work, well, unless they don’t.

They didn’t.

One single quick trip to a foot doc fixed my issue.

2. I had a ***** issue. Hao suggested everything could be okay, so here try this $100/month supplement, consider reducing your insurance, get something cheaper, and the money I save could go to Hao to “treat me better’.

What. The. Actual. Pixelated. Fuck?

Another plan of Hao’s that didn’t work. So, back again to Hao for the many-‘eth time. Good news, she says … after speaking with “her pharmacist”, here try these pills — normally, they’re used by women to aid in them getting pregnant, but, they’re gonna work.

Hello, I’m a dude.

… And wait, my problem, that you can’t solve for over a year, this perplexing issue that’s causing me great problems, you’re now getting advice from a pharmacist?

A pharmacist is helping you treat me?

Is this the the very same pharmacist that lied to me three times, told me they called my insurance for coverage, and it was denied — PS, they never called once. And, when I asked your staff to call my insurance company, they said oh we called, that drug is never covered.

Not to be redundant, but … What. The. Actual. Pixelated. F***?

Two trips later to a specialist and I’m showing dramatic (1000% improvement) … oh and wait, my new/real doc got the meds covered.

Seriously, unless you have a broken foot, run don’t walk away from this place.

Programming note: Unfortunately, Yelp does not give negative stars, or a pile of ____.

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