I thought that posting a FAQ might answer some people’s questions and cut down on my email load a bit. Anyway, following are answers to some questions that I hear, er, get by email, a lot.

Also, if you’re in the journalistic biz, I’ve got a special FAQ just for you.

How do you write so much? Are you some sort of weirdo?
Probably. At least, for my whole life people have been asking the rhetorical question, “You’re not like other people, are you?” No, not really. In my line of work, I am always near an always-on Internet connection, so I can take five minutes to post a thought.

How much should I rely on what I read on MAOS?
Buyer beware. MAOS is a hobby, offered for free to people who want to read it. Unlike The New York Times, or Pravda for that matter, I don’t have a staff of fact-checkers, editors, etc. Like most things you read on the Internet, take this as a starting point and go from there.

I want to sue you.
Not so fast sparky. If you are reading this, you might want to also read our Terms of Service.

Do you have any tips for aspiring bloggers?
Drink lots of beer.

If I email you, will you publish it?
Depends on if you say please. On the other hand, if you want to keep it a secret, put “Please Don’t Publish This” in a conspicuous place. If you really, really, really don’t want it published, don’t send the email.

Do you speak for your clients or employers?
No. Never.

Why didn’t you reply to my email? Do you have a bozo filter on me?
Sometimes I get lazy and sometimes your email is just freaky. The weirdness level around here can get pretty high.

Do you have Terms of Use?
Yes. Here they are.

How do you get so much traffic?
Lucky I guess. I’ve really haven’t done anything to promote MAOS; it’s all been a function of links and word-of-mouth.

Aren’t you biased to the left? Aren’t you biased to the right? Aren’t you a jingoistic, libertarian, cultural imperialist?

Will you link to my blog?
Will you beg?

Are you as good-looking as your picture?

Why don’t you say more about your family?
They would rather not take part in this nonsense. Smart of them.