Pole Of Beer Cans Erected In Florida Capitol Celebrating Irreverent "Festivus"

24 Dec Seinfeld writer Dan O’Keefe on Chaz Stevens.

How do you feel about the appropriation by atheists? I am all for that. I’m a big fan of what atheists are trying to do. I’m a big fan of trying to come up with humorous or user-friendly versions of atheism. I think America was more or less settled by people who hated their families or else they wouldn’t have left. So hating—or at least admitting that there’s something wrong about your family—is always healthy. I think it’s better than slavishly worshiping or insisting that your family do the same. I think that atheism is the same way: Atheism is...
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20 Dec Plantiff (Chaz Stevens) responds to interrogatories. #EATTHIS

Plaintiff has knowledge of emails sent by Defendant Jean Robb, during the time period set forth in the complaint, to Mr. Jim Lusk, Mr. David Eller, or some other person, that discuss either her support, or lack thereof, for Defendant City’s approval of a vote that would effect the land use of property owned by Mr. Eller. Plaintiff has not been able to gain access to these emails because they have not been produced pursuant to his public records request by defendants. However, the persons who have knowledge of the existence and content of these emails are Mr. Lusk, Mr....
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13 Dec 1stAndMonday: Champion of the Week – Chaz Stevens

At the core of every Holiday celebration there lies a Judea-Christian sensibility that surpasses all. Whether you are putting up the Christmas tree or lighting a Menorah you can thank an omnipotent God for the jolly feeling in your heart. In these modern times where its too PC to talk about Jesus, Moses or Kwanza Jones Christmas is a time to set all that aside and set up a nativity shrine at the local courthouse. Who’s going to argue with Christmas right? Chaz Stevens will. An atheist and member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Stevens made his feelings about...
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19 Sep Chaz Stevens’ Old #1

Southpaw Combos VS Orthodox: Jab-Cross, Jab-Hook This is a right jab, straight left, followed by another jab, and finished with a big overhand left. The first three straight punches, even if they don’t land, they’ll make him concentrate his guard to the front which allows your big left hook to sneak around his guard. You can do this the entire fight and your opponent will never know whether the left is coming straight or around.
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