Commissioner seeks criminal investigation of BBEO

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South Florida TimesFrom the 2005 archives Lauderdale Lakes City Commissioner John Billingsley Jr. on Thursday said he plans to ask Gov. Charlie Crist to open a criminal investigation into the Broward Black Elected Officials, Inc. Billingsley also said he would ask Levoyd Williams, the BBEO president, to resign from his city commission seat. Crist’s office did not immediately respond to calls and emails. Williams could not be reached for comment. In an exclusive interview with the Broward Times today, Billingsley confirmed city hall rumors that he would put forth a motion at Tuesday’s meeting asking commissioners to formally adopt a resolution asking the governor to intervene with a probe into the embattled organization.

Future ExCon City Manager Jon Allen is cooking the books.

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MAOS has already questioned the $1M BSO supposedly overcharged L Lakes. Especially since the BC Auditor said that BSO did not bill the city for overhead as they did all other cities. But what MAOS questions is how City Manager Allen is going to use the $1M to eliminate the balloon payment of $4.2M due in 2016. And yes Allen admits as MAOS has stated all along that it would require “some type of unhealthy financing to pay off that amount.” Remember the old sell off of city assets and property and then lease them back arrangement Allen proposed some time ago. Another bone-head idea where the one lone consultant (another Allen crony like Manny Diez deal?) came up with the plan that paid everyone but the city. MAOS of course helped kill that in its tracks. Allen wants to refinance for another three years (to 2019) and eliminate the balloon payment. But wait a minute — Broward County is backing the whole past due BSO contract payments through 2011 of $9.2M. BSO did not budget L Lakes in the city contracts for 2012, 2013, and 2014. Broward County is backing the L Lakes contract not BSO. Is BC a … Read More


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Levoyd Williams admits to cybercrime.

Our Notice Of Intent To Sue.

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Tony Danza on

We wanted copies of emails for the following list of keywords: What up blood, Jubblies, Tony Danza, Fo’ shizzle my nizzle.

I know it is complicated, it gives me a headache.

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City Manager Jon Allen is busy sending out letters and working the phone lines to support this initiative to reduce the Commission size. Allen already drafted his intern Te’Andre Gomion to run for the seat of Commissioner LeVoyd Williams in the March elections. You know the person with the Jr ROTC experience who lives in North Lauderdale and is a Republican. The relative of Eric Haynes who Haynes loaned his vacant garage address for qualifying. Why? Allen needs to keep his peeps on the Commission. Gomion will fill the bill as a peep. Haynes being term limited occupies seat 3 which is slated to go away in November 2014 if this passes. But MAOS surmises that Haynes will be back but Gomion can keep it in the family. What we find interesting is that according to this ballot, if the Commission loses two seats it will save $94 thousand annually (that is $47 thousand annually per Commissioner). How did the salary of a Commissioner go from $8 thousand as allowed in the charter to $47 thousand? That will be part 2 of this saga. Now you can see why Haynes owes well over $50 thousand to the city since he … Read More