Gary Rogers no longer the Garden Gnome?


Tell me it is not true — Lauderdale Lakes CRA Hack Gary Rogers dethroned as the Garden Meister. Seems like Miramar trumped Rogers and were first to the trough. Rogers is earning awards through the CRA State group that he controls for his gardens but who else cares. Certainly not the Feds. And guess what folks? Miramar did it the legit way. That is through the City and the General Fund and not using the CRA like Rogers and L Lakes and exploiting the CRA at every opportunity. And if you want to see how L Lakes is exploiting the CRA there, look at the many MAOS posts on Rogers, City Manager Jon Allen and past CRA Chair Eric Haynes. The old saying — thick as thieves? *** What is Gary Rogers to do now other than chase after the women folk like he did in Cocoa? *** Miramar awarded $40,000 gardening grant By Heather Carney, Sun Sentinel 3:38 p.m. EST, February 4, 2014 MIRAMAR — A new $40,000 grant will grow the city’s fruit and vegetable garden. The city was awarded a Gardens and Green Spaces Grant on Jan. 24 from the U.S. Conference of Mayors and Scotts Miracle-Gro …

L’ Lakes CRA Director Gary Rogers is a complete fuckup.


That is what happens when Haynes and Allen, the voodoo economic majors from FAMU and frat brothers, put their heads together. And all this for a project where is no CRA use or benefit despite the lengthy dissertation by Rogers in the document.

Bob Adams: Emperor of Dania Beach


Quickly taking to the airwaves, Adams displays an blistering unfamiliarity with Florida Statutes (FS 421.07) when he proclaimed, “Here’s a civics lesson – although Housing Authority Commissioners, under state law, are appointed by the mayor, with the consent of the City Commission, we do not serve “at the pleasure of…” We have fixed terms of office, and the appointment cannot be “rescinded.”

Goings On In L Lakes

Lauderdale Lakes Jon Allen

What we have learned from this report is that the city still owes, almost four years later, the CRA over $2.2M of the $2.5M that Allen pinched in 2011 to pay city bills and Brady set up as a “Forbearance Agreement” with a 15-year payback.

Another Emergency Meeting in Lauderdale Lakes.


We know Mayor Russell will be sitting off in the corner along with Dumb and Dumber Commissioners Rathery and Coleman saying that Allen is hot shit and everyone should bow down to him as we do.

Lauderdale Lakes: If you build it, they will come.


Or in the case of the Lauderdale Lakes CRA, after they pay $6.2M (over appraised price) for the Commerce Park property, they will then determine why they should not have bought it. And by the way, they will pay someone else to tell them the development issues with the property after they bought it.

Apparently people in Brevard County have balls —


Unlike Broward County, and in many other counties in Florida like Brevard County, the Clerk of Courts is both the Clerk and Comptroller for the County (handles all finance and accounting functions). As we see from this article, the Clerk of Courts, Scott Ellis, being ballsy completed an audit of the Satellite Beach CRA citing the “City spent more than $5 million in CRA funds from 2003-11.” Apparently Ellis did not involve or consult the city in this audit (sounds smart from the MAOS perspective). In the audit Ellis states that “$3.8 million in CRA funds were transferred  to fund police and firefighters salaries and other municipal functions.” And finally the Brevard County Commission (with Ellis help) required the city to pay the County back $1.2 million in CRA TIF the county paid. Where does this sound familiar?  Several cities in Broward County but none more than good old Lauderdale Lakes. Pinched $2.5 million from the CRA to pay for police and firefighter salaries, had the CRA pay for over $8 million in city projects, did several questionable projects that also had questionable ties to the CRA Chair Eric Haynes, wined and dined themselves on the CRA dollar, did many …