25 Jun Bob Adams: Emperor of Dania Beach

Quickly taking to the airwaves, Adams displays an blistering unfamiliarity with Florida Statutes (FS 421.07) when he proclaimed, "Here's a civics lesson - although Housing Authority Commissioners, under state law, are appointed by the mayor, with the consent of the City Commission, we do not serve "at the pleasure of..." We have fixed terms of office, and the appointment cannot be "rescinded."
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Lauderdale Lakes Jon Allen

15 Feb Goings On In L Lakes

What we have learned from this report is that the city still owes, almost four years later, the CRA over $2.2M of the $2.5M that Allen pinched in 2011 to pay city bills and Brady set up as a "Forbearance Agreement" with a 15-year payback.
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