Gary Rogers no longer the Garden Gnome?

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Tell me it is not true — Lauderdale Lakes CRA Hack Gary Rogers dethroned as the Garden Meister. Seems like Miramar trumped Rogers and were first to the trough. Rogers is earning awards through the CRA State group that he controls for his gardens but who else cares. Certainly not the Feds. And guess what folks? Miramar did it the … Read More

Apparently people in Brevard County have balls –

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Unlike Broward County, and in many other counties in Florida like Brevard County, the Clerk of Courts is both the Clerk and Comptroller for the County (handles all finance and accounting functions). As we see from this article, the Clerk of Courts, Scott Ellis, being ballsy completed an audit of the Satellite Beach CRA citing the “City spent more than … Read More

The new Lakes website. All colors, no information. #FAIL.

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Editor’s Note: We give the new Lauderdale Lakes website a grade of “average at best.”  And yes, we know all about website design. Don’t believe us?  Ask our clients — IBM, Microsoft, Disney, Blockbuster, etc. We took a peek at the new Lauderdale Lakes website and it ain’t pretty folks. Colorful mind you but not pretty. First off we could … Read More