Lauderdale Lakes and Austin — what we know.


CRA Executive Director Gary Rogers was told to take a medical and disappear right before Allen was terminated. Rogers came back the day after but is busy because his garden looks like a mess. It appears that Rogers might survive the purge.


Lauderdale Lakes Finance Director Marie Elianor is at it again!


Far be it for me to suggest Finance Director Marie Elianor would do anything improper, unethical, or illegal. Maybe perhaps, she’s just used to doing things a certain way (you know, play games and not provide the data). In previous banking statements, I noticed Austin travel expenses (10/11-2014) charged to both Allen and Elianor’s cards.

Updates: Lauderdale Lakes and Deerfield Beach


The Cove … forever cemented in 1987… A motley collection of shitty businesses, with zero curb appeal, and symptomatic of everything that sucks about Deerfield Beach.

Over in Lauderdale Lakes, time to dust off your resume(s).


We also hear interim City Manager Dan Holmes has been charged with clearing house … casting off Allen’s cronies into the good night … and over the next week, we’ll be making our pitch on why the following folks need to be booted in the ass off campus:

On being the Mayor of Lauderdale Lakes


The voters did not approve a six-member governing body. The ballot language that was approved was for a reduction to five commissioners. The mayor’s position only hangs on temporarily until 2016 and has zero powers.

Why hasn’t Lauderdale Lakes City Manager Jon Allen been pinched?


And when this case seem to languish there, MAOS continued interest and follow-up finally forced the case to be referred to the Miami-Dade SAO office due to a conflict of interest between Allen’s father — famed Attorney George Allen and campaign manger for Broward County SA Michael Satz.

More Crap in Lauderdale Lakes

Lauderdale Lakes Jon Allen

There are never any real changes in Lauderdale Lakes. Only the continued spinning by Allen and Brady of a clueless, hapless commission.

The Lauderdale Lakes CRA Meeting


This goes to show that Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter has it right. Lauderdale Lakes needs to have some serious looking into.