A solid waste in Lauderdale Lakes


Once again solid waste will be awash in solid waste fees and the residents not seeing any benefit. Just like when Allen was really there and special assessments were jacked up making residents pay through the nose just so Allen could set on restricted cash to cover other deficits.

Friday Night Fights in Lauderdale Lakes

Dan Holmes

What was shocking was when it was pointed out to Elianor that the overall budget had increased by over $2 million from 2015 and asked why she was dumbfounded. The old deer in the headlights look. And absolutely none of the problems pointed out with transfers or balancing the budget were addressed, corrected or even any fixes provided.

The Fiasco known as the City of Lauderdale Lakes


These past three years, my team has spent *very considerable* time, effort, and treasure studying the city’s finances, with a particular interest devoted to Finance Director Marie Elianor’s complete fumbling, stumbling, and bumbling of the books.

The Horrible State of the Lauderdale Lakes Union.

Dan Holmes

Also identified during the Auditor’s discussion with the Commission that the city had paid an outside consultant, Nelson McKenzie, almost $10k of a $25k contract to provide assistance to the finance staff for essentially nothing since he was lacking governmental accounting experience also. In fact McKenzie was finally issued a stop and desist order because he was actually causing more problems and issues.


Last night in Lauderdale Lakes

Dan Holmes

Wow- new vision in L Lakes or just some of the players change? We know that down at the barbershop they are saying that the brother Allen got canned but the old white dude Brady is still somehow there.


Lauderdale Lakes- expect nothing from Interim City Manager Dan Holmes.

Dan Holmes

So look for Elianor and Diez to be around. And the Finance Department under Elianor is under complete revolt right now. But Holmes does not have the gonads to act on his own without his handlers. Even though MAOS has expected very little out of Lauderdale Lakes, we still get disappointed rather frequently.

Checking in with Lauderdale Lakes

Dan Holmes

So the boat is rocking and taking on water. Dan is contemplating. Marie survives to fight another day. Imagine the moral in finance.


So Lauderdale Lakes Commission, take out all the trash.

James C. Brady, Esquire

But now the word is that they got rid of the Brother but the old white dude who was his partner is still there. And making $225k in big ones to boot. And of course that old white dude is none other than City Attorney Jim Brady.