2013, we busted Lauderdale Lakes Eric Haynes.

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First it was disclosing his old campaign violation fine from 2004 that he blew off. Then it was the voting fraud violation and fine in 2014. Now it is he financial disclosure filings. Haynes is just lucky that he was not nailed for all the counts of non-disclosure and saved by the late rules change. They should name the latest rule change as the “Haynes Rule” in his honor. Haynes is a damn deadbeat all the way around! Here is the size 11 up your ass. So much for your legacy at Lauderdale Lakes  and what your plague will say. Screwed up the CRA, screwed up as a deadbeat father, received $100k in salary and benefits that he should not have, and probably the most fined person in ethics history. haynes  

Lauderdale Lakes going $2M in the hole!

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Editor’s Note: When your main hiring criteria is “gotta hire a person of color”, you get what you get. Think this is alarming- It started under Allen and Elainor and is continuing. Previously the OIG slammed the transfers. In the attachment, I understand the Solid Waste Franchise Fees going in the GF. That is normal and allowed. But they are also hitting Solid Waste for $250k in Admin. Costs.  Why? Plus there is a transfer of $166,530 going from Solid Waste to the GF. That is $416,530 of support provided by the GF to Solid Waste. Holy crap! Out of the total $1,340,837 Solid Waste budget, $416,530 (31%) is going back to the GF? Now there is your cash cow as they refer to this. A way to move restricted funds to unrestricted. And Stormwater is just as bad. Stormwater is receiving $350,000 in support from the GF through a transfer? No way in hell. And both Sold Waste and Stormwater have direct salaries charged to those funds so it is not that. Both Solid Waste and Stormwater are enterprise funds and costs can only be allocated to them by the amount of service they receive from the GF. In … Read More

We return back to the Lauderdale Lakes CRA.

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Following this is like following a bouncing ball. The CRA is going to give 3 acres of Commerce Park to the city so Somerset Drive can become a public roadway. But hold on, Somerset Condominiums did improvements and maintains Somerset Drive and holds easement.

A solid waste in Lauderdale Lakes

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Once again solid waste will be awash in solid waste fees and the residents not seeing any benefit. Just like when Allen was really there and special assessments were jacked up making residents pay through the nose just so Allen could set on restricted cash to cover other deficits.