Lauderdale Lakes Jon Allen

08 Jan Report on Emergency Meeting at L Lakes

It seems that Commissioner Patricia Hawkins-Williams forced this emergency meeting due to some audit issues. And yes the city's external auditor, Mr. Smith from Keefe, McCullough, was there and basically said that Finance Director Marie Elianor does not know shit.
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07 Dec RE: Public Works Director Award to Manny Diez of the City of Lauderdale Lakes

A Broward County Office of Inspector General Report in 2012 blasted the alleged conspiracy between Mr. Allen and Mr. Diez, then working for a firm under contract to the City, to circumvent the purchasing and contract authority of City Manager Jon Allen to obtain the services of Mr. Diez as a consultant in 2011. This arrangement brought Mr. Diez back at a rate of 450% over the salary he left the City previously.
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