26 Nov Ron Cockblockington: Friend of Bill Ganz and a protector of our Constitutional right.

Editor’s Note: Apparently, we’ve only got one Constitutional right. On Feb 19, 2013, at 8:17 AM, “Ron Coddington” < wrote: Bill; It seems the City and You are afraid of what you think is the unknown. Peggy won’t show up to any kind of debate, forum, etc. We know why , because of course she can’t speak, can’t debate, and can’t answer one question about the future of the city without some kind of prompt or info supplied by you. She is a follower, not a leader. But you, I am unsure of why you are afraid of Jean. You...
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09 Nov “Why Dick Rosenzweig and not Bill Ganz”, I’m asked.

I’ve received a couple of phone calls, folks wondering about my decision not to “investigate” Deerfield Beach Commissioner Bill Ganz (re: the Jean Robb lawsuit). It all boils down to time … as in a complete waste of my time; previous moments I can devote to paying Robb back for the years decades lifetime of her nastiness. Question: If you follow Deerfield Beach politics, do you really think Ganz is pally’ing up to Robb? Can you imagine any two politicos more further apart? I can see Robb reaching out to … oh say Deerfield Beach Commissioner Richard Rosenzweig (hint hint...
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Anthony Dispenziere Fool

20 Nov Welcome to Deerfield’s Wet Dream

Regardless of what Dispenziere says, or doesn’t say, just measure his agenda by the company he keeps — aka Robb. And then it dawned on me. As with many things here in Deerfield Beach, when it comes to Robb, all roads lead back to the Nolands, and in this case, Lt. Noland and his DROP pension plan.
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