Commissioner Bill Ganz: the ball-less wonder.

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Deerfield Beach Commissioner Bill Ganz

Burgess Hanson was the real loser at last night’s Deerfield Beach City Commission meeting. Simply put, Ganz withered under fire. If you’re in a foxhole with Ganz, you better hope there’s a couple atheists such as myself nearby.

Ron Cockblockington: Friend of Bill Ganz and a protector of our Constitutional right.

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Editor’s Note: Apparently, we’ve only got one Constitutional right. On Feb 19, 2013, at 8:17 AM, “Ron Coddington” < wrote: Bill; It seems the City and You are afraid of what you think is the unknown. Peggy won’t show up to any kind of debate, forum, etc. We know why , because of course she can’t speak, can’t debate, and can’t answer one question about the future of the city without some kind of prompt or info supplied by you. She is a follower, not a leader. But you, I am unsure of why you are afraid of Jean. You put forth a good effort to supply Chaz and others with info on past votes an positions on city issues by Robb. Your city staff has taken direct action to suppress city workers votes, and you have initiated a code enforcement issue with campaign sings that one code officer says he has not seen in 30 years! The biggest mistake, is Peggy has called land Owners and threatened negative city action if they did not replace Rodd signs with Noland signs. She is desperate, and treading on thin ice. If she keeps this up, the entire city staff will be … Read More

“Why Dick Rosenzweig and not Bill Ganz”, I’m asked.

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I’ve received a couple of phone calls, folks wondering about my decision not to “investigate” Deerfield Beach Commissioner Bill Ganz (re: the Jean Robb lawsuit). It all boils down to time … as in a complete waste of my time; previous moments I can devote to paying Robb back for the years decades lifetime of her nastiness. Question: If you follow Deerfield Beach politics, do you really think Ganz is pally’ing up to Robb? Can you imagine any two politicos more further apart? I can see Robb reaching out to … oh say Deerfield Beach Commissioner Richard Rosenzweig (hint hint fact fact) … but can you imagine her calling Ganz on the phone? Probably would go something like this. << ring ring >> Ganz: Welcome to Moes! Robb: Bill, this is Jean. Ganz: Who? Homo say what? Robb: Jean. Jean Robb.  You know, Mayor of Deerfield Beach, your boss, winner by a landslide (27 votes). I’m powered by Krevoy, intellectualized by Grassi, and guided by Coddington. I also tend to chew my gums like a camel, smell like 100 year-old parchment that’s been soaking in pond water, and haven’t taken a good deuce since Carter was in office. Robb: I … Read More

Robb’s waterloo?

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So, for citizens who are not members of Facebook, or who don’t have Internet access, the only way for those individuals to follow along would be to request copies of those comments from the City.