Jonathan Allen takes a page from Herman Cain’s playbook.

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Another day at the office

Having heard the rumors about City Manager Jonathan Allen‘s … um … er .. ah .. issue with the ladies on his, I was going to say staff, but … oh well, I will go with staff … Allen and the girls on his staff…  I wanted to see if there was smoke around the pole …  pole smoking … I mean was there smoke around the fire? Yeesh. So fire off I did (go Yoda!) this public records request. I would like to review in person the employment file for City Manager Jonathan Allen. And two weeks later, aka today, I get this response for the City Clerk. The total estimated cost for providing the requested information is $99.70 (approximately 300 pages at $.15 per page = $45.00; estimated staff time to redact the file = 2.5 hours at $21.88 per hour = $54.70) Two and a half hours of redaction time?  What the heck man? What top secret secrets does Allen have in his employment file? So folks, if you want to see Allen’s pole, it’s gonna cost us me $100 to review the file.

The Miami-Dade SAO moves to nail City Manager Jon Allen. #F***Yeah

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KATHERINE FERNANDEZ RUNDLE STATE ATTORNEY Jonathan K. Allen Office of the City Manager- Lauderdale Lakes 4300 NW 36th St. Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33319 Dear Mr. Allen: The State Attorney’s Office is investigating a complaint against you concerning a possible violation of Florida Statute §83 8.22, Bid Tampering, occurring from May to August, 2011. Prior to our acting on this complaint, we are offering you the opportunity to discuss your version of this incident with us, and to offer us the names of any witnesses who might have additional information. Failure to hear from you by Monday, February 03, 2014, will indicate to us that you do not care to discuss this incident with us voluntarily. You are of course, not required to talk with us at all. If you wish to do so, it will be necessary for you to waive immunity from prosecution which would otherwise result. This enables our office to decide whether a criminal charge should be filed after hearing both sides of the story. You may have an attorney present should you care to do so. If you choose to discuss your version with us, please contact Raimundo Araujo, of the State Attorney’s Office at (305) … Read More

The End is Coming for Lakes’ City Manager Jon Allen. #JailTime

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About two years ago, I filed a criminal complaint against Lauderdale Lakes City Manager Jon Allen (based on an OIG investigation) alleging felony bid splitting. Citing conflicts, Broward State Attorney Michael Satz forwarded the case file to the Miami-Dade District Attorney. And there is seemingly sat… Until… About three weeks ago (just before the Festivus Pole blew up my world), the Miami-Dade SAO investigator called to tell me they’re “moving forward” against Allen. A letter of invitation will be sent his way — come talk your way out of it (which he will probably smartly decline). And then, I’d assume, to the Grand Jury for an indictment. Or perhaps, skip that step and go directly to charging the rat bastard. My attorney with the Jean Robb lawsuit, David A. Frankel, who worked for the Broward SAO for two decades, informed me when cases usually get to this point, it means Allen’s probably in lots of hot water. Hoozah! To the uninitiated, the Lauderdale Lakes tale is very complicated… Nerdy, technical, hard to follow at times. I’ve logged an ungodly number of hours breaking it down. Involves Hazelle Rogers, Dwight Stephenson, Eric Haynes, and other members straight out of Central Casting. … Read More