Oak Lawn Leaf: Checking in with Larry Deetjen

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While Streit has argued against pursuing legal action with the firefighters and urged negotiations, Mayor Sandra Bury has aggressively defended Deetjen and the course of action taken. Streit said that he requested the amount of legal bills the village has spent on the legal fights with the village and was told that the village spends more on responding to Freedom of Information requests from him and former elected officials.

Update: According to police, Larry Deetjen and his wife weren’t injured.

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Oak Lawn village manager Larry Deetjen was involved in a minor one-car accident in Palos Park Thursday night, driving a village-owned vehicle into a ditch on the east side of Southwest Highway, just south of Illinois 83, according to police. Deetjen and his wife were not injured, police said, and a witness to the accident, a 16-year-old boy, called police. Read more. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila..  Just how many tequilas would it take to muster up the courage to bang Lynn? ***  

[VIDEO] Oak Lawn, IL Alert: Larry Deetjen in a DUI related accident?

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This past Thursday night or early Friday morning, Larry “The Racist” Deetjen was involved in a one-car pile up in the Palos Hills, Illinois area. LRD, accompanied by a female passenger (perhaps not Mrs. The Racist), cratered his city-issued vehicle, and was found — by the cops — leaving the scene of the accident. Oopsie. We’ll be filing a FOIA over the incident report and any related DUI investigation documentation. As of yet, LRD’s accident is not been reported by the Oak Lawn local media. Here’s the video of the accident: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfmKwgrQzdE

Is Larry Deetjen in hot water?

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The Illinois Attorney General will review an Oak Lawn trustee’s partially denied request for email communications between the village manager and attorney. The attorney general’s Public Access Bureau on Oct. 21 asked the village to provide unredacted copies of the emails requested by Trustee Carol Quinlan. “We have determined that further review is warranted,” the attorney general said in a letter to the village. The Reporter Online

Larry Deetjen, Assclown Extraordinare

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Wondering whatever happened to certain folks, I sent the following PRR, Madam Susan SeltzerPublic Records CustodianBroward State Attorney’s Office Good day to you. From the attached document comes a Miami Herald article about your agency’s investigation into possible criminal misconduct by former Deerfield Beach city manager Larry Deetjen and former City of Deerfield Beach employees James Senello and Peggy Moore. Might I get copies, if they exist, of any close out memos relating to these three individuals? Kindly consider this email a request for public records. In response from Seltzer, I received the following, In regards to your request for records, is there a particular time frame for the closeout memos that you request? Prompting my update, I believe in the 2007-2008 timeframe.  Probably closer to 2008. Generating this response from Seltzer, In response to your request for closeout memos pertaining to former Deerfield Beach City Manager Larry Deetjen for the time period of 2007-2008, there is nothing available at this time. In regards to your request for closeout memos for former City of Deerfield Beach employees James Senello and Peggy Moore, please be advised that we do not have any records for these individuals. Did you notice, like I … Read More

Larry Deetjen may soon be out of a job.

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Larry Deetjen may soon be out of a job.  Think I am pulling your leg? Village manager Larry Deetjen is another questionable expense, as far as Hurckes is concerned. Deetjen salary is roughly $150,000 per year and his contract included one-year’s payment on Deetjen’s former Florida home, a vehicle and severance package. The story continues and has a familiar ring to it. Hurckes said the village recently suspended two public works employees for “verbal harassment” after they asked a manager to leave a meeting to which Hurckes said he was invited to hear the employees’ safety concerns about trucks, equipment and a facility in poor condition. Hurckes also claimed he is given little information by the village manager and the rest of the board unless he seeks it out through other avenues. He said he was asked to vote on the $2.5 million purchase of the Edgar Funeral Home without being given any information on the buyers or what the plans are for the property. “That’s not how a village should function,” he said. “Government is about bringing people together. That’s my opinion. I think I can do a better job of bringing people together. Read the entire story here.