I know it is complicated, it gives me a headache.

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City Manager Jon Allen is busy sending out letters and working the phone lines to support this initiative to reduce the Commission size. Allen already drafted his intern Te’Andre Gomion to run for the seat of Commissioner LeVoyd Williams in the March elections. You know the person with the Jr ROTC experience who lives in North Lauderdale and is a … Read More

Chaz StevensI know it is complicated, it gives me a headache.

Stacking the Lakes Commission

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The Commission seat held by LeVoyd Williams is up for re-election in March. Since Williams has announced he is running for State office later this year, his wife Beverly Williams, a known community activist has filed to run for the position. Not so fast says Haynes and Allen. These two have been screwing the William(s) for some time now (as … Read More

Chaz StevensStacking the Lakes Commission

Delving deeper into Lauderdale Lakes.

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Mr. David Frankel MAOS Attorney via email You once mentioned should I encounter any difficulty obtaining public records, Attorney Jim Brady would help you work through any issue. Opa! Expanding on PRR 2013-147, I request copies, of any possible city or city-related business sent, for the last year, to/from the following official’s personal email account(s): Commissioner Eric Haynes Commissioner LeVoyd … Read More

Chaz StevensDelving deeper into Lauderdale Lakes.

Future ExCon City Manager Jon Allen is cooking the books.

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MAOS has already questioned the $1M BSO supposedly overcharged L Lakes. Especially since the BC Auditor said that BSO did not bill the city for overhead as they did all other cities. But what MAOS questions is how City Manager Allen is going to use the $1M to eliminate the balloon payment of $4.2M due in 2016. And yes Allen … Read More

Chaz StevensFuture ExCon City Manager Jon Allen is cooking the books.