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08 Jan MAOS files Ethics Complaint against Oakland Park staffers.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014 Timothy “Chaz” Stevens PO Box 1123 Deerfield Beach, FL 33443 Florida Commission on Ethics P. O. Drawer 15709 Tallahassee, FL 32317-5709 RE: Complaint Against the City of Oakland Park Purchasing Department To Whom It May Concern; I am filing a complaint against the staff at the City of Oakland Park for violating Florida Statute 119. In support of this allegation, I offer the following from the Broward Office of Inspector General to John Stunson, City Manager Oakland Park. Purchasing is Not Retaining Communications Upon Which it has Relied to Amend Solicitations City staff informed the OIG...
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03 Nov The OIG investigates Oakland Park. In a word? Meh.

Purchasing is Not Retaining Communications Upon Which it has Relied to Amend Solicitations City staff informed the OIG that the potential vendors at the pre-bid meeting were advised to submit their questions to the Purchasing Specialist and the Account manager via e-mail. In reference to ITB No. 081911, staff indicated they had received numerous emails from potential vendors. At least some of the questions submitted by potential vendors were documented in an addendum to the bid. However, staff were unable to provide the OIG with the correspondence relating to the procurement. Staff informed the OIG that all emails pertaining to...
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13 Apr Nauseous

What really turns the stomach is the posting on the City's website referring to the award being based on "impeccable data."
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25 Oct We email Scott Herman. Queue the crickets chirping.

Scott Herman; State Rep. District 93 Candidate Proud owner of a bullet proof vest (bought using campaign funds) via email Still would like to hear your thoughts about buying those domains and not including them on your Q3. Good news!  I’ve filed complaints with the SAO and FEC. Enjoy your weekend! Besties. C PS  More good news.  Now that it’s cooler, I don’t imagine you’re not gonna be sweating as much under that flack jacket of yours. Geesh. Grow a pair and learn how to fight with your hands. *** Here’s Herman’s automated emailer response. Thank you for taking your...
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