Update: Perp Walk Alert: MAOS hands Riviera Beach’s Cedric “Fat Boy” Thomas his sizeable ass.

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For the last couple of years, MAOS and other like-minded corruption fighters (Fane Lozman, yo!) have been working hard to land Riviera Beach Councilmember Cedric “Fatboy” Thomas in jail. In pursuit of that most awesome of awesomeness, we’ve extensively written about Thomas and along the way, also filed a raft of criminal complaints. Looks like that hard work is paying dividends, as Fat Boy’s in lots of hot water. *** Thomas is a proud member of National Forum of Black Public Administrators — along with Corey “Arrested” Alston and Jon “Soon To Be” Allen. What the f***?  Is the NFBPA a cabal of hulligans? *** Riviera Beach councilman paid full-time for part-time South Bay work, audit finds By Pat Beall Palm Beach Post Staff Writer A blistering audit into tiny South Bay spells trouble for Riviera Beach Councilman Cedrick Thomas: Palm Beach County’s Inspector General investigated Thomas’ work there as former chief of code enforcement, and has referred the findings to the state attorney’s office. Thomas said he spoke with prosecutors about his South Bay job months ago. “My lawyer and I went down there, they asked some questions and that was that. I don’t know why this is coming … Read More

CBS12: Riviera Beach City Council weighs in on fight for public records

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WEST PALM BEACH — The lawyer suing the City of Riviera Beach over public records tells CBS 12 News that he will continue to fight for the information showing taxpayers who is spending their money. Richard Ryles says that he plans on amending and refiling his lawsuit against the city that a judge tossed out Wednesday over a technicality. Ryles has been asking the city since August to turn over documents he suspects details millions spent on outside legal counsel, even though the city has its own legal department. Ryles received a partial list Wednesday of the records he requested back in august. Those documents detail nearly a million dollars in spending on outside legal counsel by the city from 2009 to 2012. The spending also caught the attention of state auditors in 2008. A report we obtained from the Florida’s Auditor General suggested that the city, “evaluate the extent to which this is necessary and consider whether it would be more cost effective to hire a second attorney.” The issue and our investigation were a hot topic at Wednesday’s City Commission meeting. Councilman Cedrick Thomas had this to say. “I for one don’t watch channel 12 and as long … Read More

Riviera Beach’s Commissioner Bruce Guyton and his DUI

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MR. GUYTON’S FRIENDS DATE: February 18, 1996 PUBLICATION: The Palm Beach Post The test of a police department is whether it applies the law equally. By that standard, Riviera Beach’s department seems to be flunking. On Jan. 19, at 1:21 a.m., officer Steve Maldonado spoke to Diana Mosley near her home. The 35-year-old woman, crying and hysterical, had bruises on one ear and blood on her face, shirt and legs. She said that Bruce Guyton, former city council member, had hit her. Mr. Maldonado and another officer found Mr. Guyton – bloodstains on his clothes, bleeding from one hand – at Ms. Mosley’s home. He refused to make a statement and was arrested. When officer Maldonado’s supervisor, Sgt. William Cushing, took over at the police station, Mr. Guyton gave a written statement. He said Ms. Mosley tried to slap him, and he defended himself. Both Mr. Guyton and Ms. Mosley were listed as “victim/suspect.” Police Chief Jerry Poreba said the release was justified because Mr. Guyton and Ms. Mosley were not living together, were not related by blood or marriage and did not have a child in common. By law, Mr. Guyton could not be charged with domestic violence. Ms. … Read More

Riviera Beach and Hallandale Beach

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[cleeng_content id=”930865203″ description=”Why stop now? It’s just getting interesting!” price=”0.99″ referral=”0.10″] Keith London in.   Bill Julian out.  The marina amendment passes.   So I am happy there. [/cleeng_content]