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It is our policy not to reveal the name of any source who is not identified by name in the article in question.

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AFK address

1600 S. Dixie Highway
Suite 300
Boca Raton, FL 33432
fax: 561-908-6740

Doing business with MAOS.

  1. I am not an idiot and this isn’t my first rodeo.
  2. Re-read step #1.
  3. As a reporter who values his sources, I will never divulge your name, cite you in my writing, or throw you under the bus.
  4. If you are trying to spin me, try harder.
  5. Recognize that I know you’re trying to spin me.
  6. This irritates the f*** out of me. Do you really think I am that stupid?
  7. Don’t waste your time digging up my skeletons. Just google me, it’s all out there.
  8. Leave my f***ing family, and especially my dog, out of the mix.
  9. I am not the person my writing leads you to believe.
  10. I’ve sent corrupted elected officials to jail. That was not by accident.
  11. Folks with power listen to what I have to say and so should you.
  12. I don’t drink and I don’t drug. At times, my writing seems to indicate otherwise.
  13. I am rarely seen in public, I don’t take meetings, so don’t ask for one.

That’s enough for now.