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It is our policy not to reveal the name of any source who is not identified by name in the article in question.

When you have a news tip in South Florida, or if you capture breaking news pictures or video on your camera or cell phone, See it! Shoot it! Send it! to No Shit! News at You can also use the form below to send us news tips, digital video files, or pictures.
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Doing business with MAOS.

  1. I am not an idiot and this isn’t my first rodeo.
  2. Re-read step #1.
  3. As a reporter who values his sources, I will never divulge your name, cite you in my writing, or throw you under the bus.
  4. If you are trying to spin me, try harder.
  5. Recognize that I know you’re trying to spin me.
  6. This irritates the f*** out of me. Do you really think I am that stupid?
  7. Don’t waste your time digging up my skeletons. Just google me, it’s all out there.
  8. Leave my f***ing family, and especially my dog, out of the mix.
  9. I am not the person my writing leads you to believe.
  10. I’ve sent corrupted elected officials to jail. That was not by accident.
  11. Folks with power listen to what I have to say and so should you.
  12. I don’t drink and I don’t drug. At times, my writing seems to indicate otherwise.
  13. I am rarely seen in public, I don’t take meetings, so don’t ask for one.

That’s enough for now.