Coconut Creek


Update: Pay To Play In Coconut Creek.

The folks at Coconut Creek finally let us know the cost to produce those 2013 Employee Surveys:

This is in follow up of Monday’s email of August 2nd wherein I said I would contact you and advise as to the cost of your public records request for the employee surveys. There are 214 individual surveys of approximately 9 pages each which at 20 cents per page equals $192. The estimated supervisory charges for review for statutory exemptions is 1 minute per survey or 4 hours at $20 per hour which equals $80. Finally, the actual administrative copying time is estimated at 3 hours or $48. The total is estimated to be $320. Therefore, please send/deliver to the city one half of the estimated charges or $160. Upon receipt of said sum the city will respond to your public records request and notify you when the documents are ready for you to pick up. The city will also notify you in writing as to the final charges which will be due upon delivery to you of the document.

$320.00. And no, I’m not paying that out of my pocket.

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By Chaz Stevens, Genius